01 October 2008

  • Woke up to a singing baby boy
  • Tried to rationalize with a hungry boy
  • Gave temper-tantrum boy his medicine
  • Packed the car
  • Drank coffee while driving the bear to school, me to work
  • Hit traffic
  • Dropped bear off at school, set-up his breakfast, kisses goodbye
  • Arrived late for work
  • Got a desperately needed car wash during lunch (no longer would the washer fluid clean the shat off)
  • Left work early (few meetings today = a lot of work done in less time, that's my justification anyway)
  • Drove the hungry bear home
  • Fed the hungry bear dinner
  • Let the hungry pug out to go potty
  • Fed the hungry pug dinner
  • Gave the tired bear milk
  • Laid the sleepy bear down to sleep
  • Checked e-mail, facebook, etc.
  • Cooked dinner with Hubbie
  • Decided not to wash any dishes
  • Wrote this post
  • Off to shower, watch some tube and hit the hay


Ducky said...

Hey, I forgot to comment on this the first time. I really like this post a lot. It's such a good way to see something about your real life. As opposed to your glamorous 2nd life in the spotlight, I guess. ;) Seriously, though; cool peak.

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