2 comments 24 February 2009

Well, I'm moving in the right direction again! Given the weekend we had .6lbs lost is about all I could expect. Even during celebratory times where we tell ourselves it's OK to indulge, that we deserve to indulge because life is too short to always be 'on a diet', I find I still lose weight. I think I indulge in smaller quantities with realizing it. Maybe it is because it is no longer forbidden and therefore no longer necessary to over do it. In fact, a few months back someone mentioned something that I cannot get out of my head..."You can have pizza again". I think in the back of my mind even when I am 'indulging' I realize that this will not be my last opportunity in life to indulge, so moderation is safe! As far as the small changes I have made, I have gone back up to my 'tall latte' instead of the 'short', but instead of 2 double-shorts a day (one at noon and the other late afternoon) I am limiting to one triple-tall latte in the mid-afternoon. This change reduces my caffeine intake by 1 whole shot, a 25% reduction in my afternoon caffeine intake - bravo!

4 comments 18 February 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom was born Febuary 18th, 1944. Today she would have been 65 years old. This picture was taken when she was in college. It's been 11 years since she passed away and I still miss her very much!

0 comments 17 February 2009

OK, I gained .4 lbs this week! I know it isn't much, BUT I was super on top of my game this week. It will remain a mystery. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a glass of wine tonight, reminded myself of the good choices I made this week amidst all of the pressures of pizza & birthday cake and am going to keep on keepin' on!

2 comments 10 February 2009

I lost 3.4lbs this week, yay! This weeks big loss is a result of last weeks strange gain, but I'll take it! And though it seems like big drop for one week, it really is just my body adjusting to the last few weeks of small ups and downs. I really needed this loss to keep me motivated so I can get through this next week. This next week will be full of social engagements and I will really have to plan ahead and watch my portions (my arch nemesis!).

I only made it to the gym twice this week, but they were good high-energy work outs. I even managed a delicious visit to an Indian Buffet and although I went up to the buffet twice, I managed to keep the piles to reasonable sizes which given my weakness for Indian food was extremely hard to do! I had a bit of a celebratory food day today which included a fair number if chips with a bit of salsa, but since it was 'weigh-in day' I have a whole week to make up for it!

Here's to another healthy week! Cheers! (sound of glasses clinking)

4 comments 03 February 2009

I am feeling a bit down, I gained 1.2 lbs! I really don't know what happened. I was very diligent in tracking everything that went into my mouth! It was even one of those weeks where I was able to bring my own lunch every day (no lunch meetings). I was very prudent with my points all week so that I could enjoy a special anniversaryry dinner with my sweet husband (we started dating 15 years ago!). I even stepped up my exercise because my crazy friend had a wild idea that we should *run* a 5 mile race at the end of the month (she really sold me on the idea when she mentioned that a pancake breakfast would be waiting at the finish line). It just doesn't make sense! My Aunt Flow did come to visit, but I just don't recall this presenting as an issue with past weight-loss endeavors. Well, I am not giving up! It is getting a bit more difficult to see how I will reach 20lbs in 17 weeks, but I am not going to stop trying. I know that I am also making positive changes in my life, and that has to count for something!