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I was reading another blog, then I zoned out and when I "awoke" I was staring at the word EVE. My mind took the usual path of twists and turns where one thought leads to another. I was thinking how important Midnight Mass is to Catholics which eventually got me thinking how "Eve" is supposed to be that period before the BIG DAY but how over time it has become a holiday in and of itself. When people ask you what you are doing for Christmas, the answer is generally separated out - Christmas Eve we are doing X and Christmas Day we are doing Y (or Y & Z in our case).

As a child we always celebrated with my immediate family on Christmas Eve (often my maternal Grandmother and Great-Uncle would join us). We opened presents at home, ate a lovely meal cooked by my Mom, usually there was an argument or bickering between Grandma and Mom but all in all it was generally a swell ev
ening. We would always go to sleep with excitement knowing that Santa would have put some goodies in our stockings (I'll never forget the year first year I saw "Santa" and her helper in the kitchen).

This year Dale and I made an addition to this holiday by starting a new tradition for The Eve of Christmas Eve - Thai Food! I generally like to have all shopping, wrapping, & cleaning pretty well finished by the close of Christmas Eve Eve - so to celebrate and not add to the chaos we decided last night t
o go to our favorite Thai restaurant (even better than our old favorite in San Francisco - and yes, it's in Fremont). We had our favorite dishes and told Elliot all about the food he will enjoy next year. The Christmas season is a spirit, a feeling, memories, traditions and much more that all seems to get squeezed in to two days of enjoyment (preceded by a whole month of shopping and chaos), so we are officially extending it by a day.

We just finished our Thai leftovers (yum!), I have finished baking and the Apple Spice Cake turned out GREAT (well, it looks great but we'll know for sure tomorrow) but Grandma's cookies did not measure up. I will explain my process to her this evening to find out where I went wrong.
Now while Elliot naps we will get dressed for the Christmas Eve celebrations at my Aunties. Tomorrow morning we will make our special Christmas breakfast which this year will be homemade donuts, hot cocoa and maybe some eggs. Ya know, before I sign out I was just realizing that if you are religious this three-day celebration could symbolize The Trinity...hmm, this three day Christmas just might catch-on as it appeals to sinners and non-sinners alike! Merry Christmas Eve!

I forgot to click "post" yesterday!

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I lost 2 pounds! Well, one of them was gained the week before...but that puts me at a total of 5 pounds. Not enough for a new wardrobe, but on my way! I am off to get a couple of last minute gifts and some grocery items for some Christmas baking I have yet to do. I'll be damned if I am going to get through this Christmas season without baking something! For certain I am going to be whipping up a Apple Spice Cake for Christmas Day with the in-laws...but I also want to try my luck at Grandma's Cookies all by myself...we'll see.

Elliot slept in his crib ALL NIGHT last night, brings tears to my eyes (he even took his morning nap there today). It took about 1/2 hour of crying (screaming really) and then he was out. He awoke at 11:00 to eat again but went right back to sleep without the pacifier! He awoke again at 2 for what I thought was a snack, but really he had just taken an enormous crap and was likely quite uncomfortable. After a quick change and a bit of a snack he was out until 6:45! Dad reported that I was actually snoring last night and that he hasn't seen me sleep so soundly in a long while. I know, if you do the math I was still up every few hours, but lately Elliot and I have been falling asleep while he eats (while in our bed) and it has been prolonging feeding and making for not so restful nights (sleeping upright is not exactly good sleep). So that fact that I got 3 and 4 hours of sleep, on my side/stomach was quite refreshing. I feel like a new woman! Though I must admit I felt a little sad that he didn't "need" me.

Thomas was not quite sure what to do with himself last night. Everytime I got up to go tend to the baby he would follow close behind and I could tell he was still 1/2 asleep because he would just sort of sit and stare in the low light not quite sure if he should stay or go back to his bed (eventually he chose his bed). What a sweet pug!

Well, off to fight the crowds (Mr. Graham is shopping with Daddy this morning - too cute!).

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Please send all your positive vibes to sweet Vivian. Stay strong little girl!

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OK, so this blog was never meant to be a place for me to write only about what I ate each day...but sorry, I am full bore into Christmas shopping, etc...so here is what I have been eating...


~Soy Mocha
~2 HF tortillas with roasted chicken, BBQ sauce and melted cheese - I discovered that if you use the microplane on a block of LF cheese you can use even less cheese and still get the texture and taste PLUS you get a wonderful even distribution that takes even less time to melt in the micro
~Soy Mocha
~WW Eng Muffin with PB
~A few bites of a yummy brie puff pastry thingy that had preserves in it too - I could have eaten the whole damn thing!
~cheese crackers


~Soy Mocha
~Spinach Salad from Specialties, some nibbles from some TASTY cookies (PB with Choc. Chunks & Ginger-Mollasis - yum!)
~Sushi (I think I did pretty well with some healthy choices - spicy tuna, BBQ eel & avocado, just 2 tiny gyozas)
~Snackimals Chocolate Chip "cookies"


~Spinach salad, lite dressing with grilled salmon
~Dbl Short 1/2 Caff 1-pump Soy Mocha, reduced-fat Pecan muffin
HF tortillas, LF cheese, Mornigstar farms sausage patties (NOT LINKS)
~2 more sausage patties
~last little crumbs of the CC Snackimals

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Elliot and his BFF Vivi...

"I love you Vivi friend"


~Soy Mocha
~WW Eng Muffin with Pumpkin Butter (yummy!)
~1/2 Roasted Veggie Pizzza from TJ's - REALLY yummy and calorie friendly!
~Soy Mocha and some crunchy-chewy almondinas
~Veggie burger split between two HF tortillas with LF cheddar and Arugula
~last scoop of Fully Loaded Peanut Butter Cup Frozen Dairy Dessert

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First I should say I was too tired to report out yesterday...you'll just have to trust me when I say I did fine yesterday. As for today, well I started out with my morning coffee and a small bowl of my cereal to tide me over because Dale's Aunt was making us breakfast. I knew as far as calories the day would be a bust, but that is alright because it would be one of those days worth celebrating. We arrived to yummy egg casserole, bannana chocolate chip bread, coffee cake, fruit, Panatone (what Italian feast doesn't have this!), sausage, coffee and juice - yum! Of course she is such a love that it was her company that made the day! From this point forward, the day went to hell. We got home and Dale took Elliot shopping, so I decided I was finally going to get lights on our tree and do a tad bit of decorating. I rummaged through ALL of our Christmas stuff and only one strand of lights could be found - hmm. I wasn't about to hit Target (what a zoo!), so I decided to hop on over to Michaels where they would have lights plus I could pick up the couple of paintings we just had framed.

On my way to M's I decided to treat myself to a SB. I got to M's with my SB in hand (sort of) and started shopping. I needed ink pads and maybe a couple of stamps because I was inspired to do a new theme for my gifts this year (thanks h!). I always wrap presents in some sort of matching fashion usually doing one style for my family, one style for Dale's and a third for friends (the practical use is so gifts don't get forgotten in the Christmas Eve/Day rush around). Anyway, I digress, as I was shopping for stamps to use for my gifts I realized my hair band was loose, so with my arm through the hand-held shopping basket I reattached my hair band. I could hear something while I was doing this but wasn't registering the sound until I looked down and saw my coffee spilling all over my basket and the floor. See, I had set my coffee inside the bask
et for safe keeping - so much for that. I alerted a staff person who got some paper towels, mop, etc. I grabbed my basket (after wiping my stuff down) and headed to the framing section to pick-up the paintings. And of course, they weren't done right, so why I waited for the woman to fix them I grabbed the lights and a few other items, went back for the paintings and headed for the checkout.

When I got home it was already 5:30 (3 hours after Dale & Elliot left me which means pump or feed soon) and Dale was on his way home. I wanted to make my "recipe of the week", so I got started chopping onions, bell peppers, garlic, boiling pasta, sautéing sausage and so on. I was almost done when they walked in the door. We gave Elliot the bottle and as I was sitting with Dale and Elliot I realized that I had left my dinner under the broiler (which was just to melt the cheese) and so I ran in the kitchen to find my dinner ruined!
We microwaved ourselves some frozen TJ's pasta and called it dinner :( Elliot then screamed and cried for the next hour as I tried to get him to go to sleep and once he was asleep I decided to I would put up the lights. I was at the point that if I couldn't at least get the lights on the tree tonight then I was taking the whole damn tree out to the dumpster. One strand at a time, round and round the tree I went and finally we had lights...that didn't work. And as I was wrapping up this post, Elliot began screaming again...and after trying to get him back to sleep I have walked out of the room and uttered these words to my husband, "Let him cry, I'm don!". I am sure if it goes on much longer I'll get back in the game. I think I just need some sleep or a drink or both.

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This makes me so happy!

What I Ate Today:

~Soy Mocha
~Dbl Tall 1/2 Caff 2-pump Soy Mocha
~Yummy Spinach Salad from Specialties
~Chickenless Nuggets, BBQ Sauce, HF Tortillas with LF Celtic White Cheddar
~A long week glass of red wine
~One carefully measure portion of Chocolate Chip Snackimals


Pistachio Crusted Pork Chop?
Mango & Raspberry Panna Cotta?
Cheese crackers?
Lamb chops?
Turkey burger (and fries)?
Tasty cake from SB?
Cheese & Crackers?
Lack of exercise?

I decided not to wait until the end of the day to share with you that I GAINED a pound :( I guess this week I indulged a bit too much! But it was the reality check that I needed to get back on track! It's all about week three!

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I had a little something I started to write, but I am wiped today!

What I Ate Today:

~Soy Mocha
~2 - HF Tortillas, 2 eggs, slice of LF white cheddar & hot sauce
~Cheese crackers
~Soy Mocha
~ 1 mini pizza (around 50 calories), 2 mini-mushroom turnovers (around 150 calories), some Everything crackers ( lost count), some low fat swiss and low fat cheddar cheese (lost count)
~Eng. muffin with lite butter & PB

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All my adult life I have dreamed of having at least one hobby. I will never forget how hard Dale and I laughed when I was moving to San Francisco and filled out a bio for a roommate search and under hobbies all we could think of was smoking and drinking coffee! In the 11th hour of my maternity leave I have started establishing some real hobbies. While on vacation I found this wonderful old cookbook called The American Woman's Cookbook and decided I would start collecting old cookbooks. I forgot to mention in my Aloha post that I also got a wonderful little cookbook entitled, "Around The World in 80 Recipes, Hawaii's International Cookbook of Exotic Recipes" with little drawings next to the recipes to represent which part of the world the recipes are from (in case you couldn't tell by the titles). And I just discovered this wonderful website - http://www.oldcookbooks.com/ And you know how much I love Peanut Butter, so I just had to order the Skippy Peanut Butter Art of Cookery & Accomplish'd Gentlewoman's Companion! I think this might actually be something I will stick with!

And then there is photography. I have always loved taking photos and so badly wanted to learn on a manual film camera, especially the developing (something so appealing about developing ones own creations). My sweet h
usband (then boyfriend) bought me a wonderful manual camera over 7 years ago...and I never made the time to read a book, take a class, surf the web or just try. And then a week after Elliot was born he went out and bought us a digital SLR just like our friends have (I couldn't stop talking about it!). Since then I have been a picture taking crazy person, and loving it! I try new shots, play with editing tools and develop (print) to my hearts content because it is relatively cheap as far as hobbies are concerned.

One of my 'Maternity Leave To-Do List' items was to take pictures of our morning coffee ritual, frame them and hang them in our kitchen. I almost gave up and started looking for art online and then I found some inspiration and viola. I am not going to frame any from this first series, but really think I am close.

Here is an image from Hawaii that I was particularly proud of.

I am also the photographer (not the editor, that was Dale) behind our Christmas Card, though I suppose I should give the model some of the credit :) Isn't he just precious?!

Wish me luck and a whole lot of sticktoitiveness!

What I Ate Today:

~Soy Mocha
~One slice of Pizza (a huge slice), some wedges of pita with hummus - went to a Baby Shower
~My usual @ SB & a Reduced Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake :(
~Leftover lamb, couscous & soup, HF tortillas for dipping in soup
~Warm crusty bread with Dale (he at dinner a few hours after me, so I joined him)

Exercise: Frankly it depresses me to have this section here each day and for it to be lacking in aerobically effective material. From now on I am going to leave it off, unless of course I do something ghat is considered exercise.

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I am pretty particular about how my food is prepared (even when I am the one doing the preparation). I only started thinking more about it after my husband laughed at me for how I distribute the cheese on my tortilla prior to heating it in the microwave. I realized today that I have always been this way. I remember when I would come home from elementary school one of my favorite snacks was Wheat Thins with Kraft American Singles. I would break each piece of cheese into perfectly sized squares to match the size of each cracker, sometimes I would make a sandwich but mostly just one cracker to one piece of cheese. When I go out to eat it is very important that they bring me a little cup or ramekin for my ketchup because I do not like to drizzle the ketchup over my fries.

Rarely do I order anything that doesn't have some special instructions. I think my beverage at Starbucks speaks volumes: Double Tall 1/2 Caff 2-Pump Soy Mocha...when I used to get Shorts I would actually order 1 and 1/2 pumps! But it's not just Starbucks because when I make my coffee at home I carefully measure exactly 8 ounce of Soy and 39 grams of chocolate for my Soy Mocha. And before brewing my espresso I make sure to rinse the little metal cups in hot water so the cold metal doesn't chill my espresso. And tonight as I baked my Chickenless Nuggets in the toaster over, I placed my plate atop the oven so it too would get toasty warm. Some people might say I am bit compulsive, but when you LOVE food each eating moment (even the frozen food ones) are savored.

What I Ate Today:

~Cereal, added some blueberries today
~Soy Mocha
~Turkey Burger from Red Robin, I am a fan of this from waaaaay back when we lived in San Mateo and would eat at the one in Foster City. You won't believe it until you try it, but this Turkey Burger is THE BEST! So Juicy and even with the fries it does not tip the scale like you think it should.
~Dbl Tall 1/2 Caff 2-pump Soy Mocha - threw most of it out as I think they used regular milk - icky!
~Soy Mocha - needed my fix! Really wanted somthing sweet with my afternoon coffee and just as I was dreaming of something my wonderful neighbor dropped by a box of homemade candy - but I didn't eat any! Ugh, this is going to be hard!
~Chickenless Nuggets, 2 - HF Tortilla with 1 slice of LF White Cheddar, BBQ Sauce (yeah!)
~One serving of Chocolate Chip Snackimals (I really wanted that candy!)

Exercise: Walking @ the mall, trying on clothes

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Yesterday we picked out our Arbol de Navidad and today during Elliot's play times I played Christmas music and I began to think how much I actually DO love Christmas. It's just that the things I hate about it (Losing my Mom, Shopping, Crowds, Gift Cards, etc.) seem to overshadow the good things about Christmas.

Here are some good things:

*The smell of our family room after we put up our Christmas Tree
*Christmas Music; fond memories of putting records on the record player while my Mom was cooking Christmas Eve dinner
*Baking holiday goodies - usually with my Aunt the week before Christmas, we're taking this year off, but will resume next year when Elliot will be able to sample some of the goodies
*Christmas Pajamas - every year for Christmas my Mom would buy me a pair of pajamas and since she pa
ssed away I have made a point to buy myself a special pair of pajamas each year
*Planning a surprise gift for Dale - we have an informal competition going (there seems to be one gift not under the tree that gets mysteriously found after we have each other thinking we are all done) and Dale almost always wins...but we'll see about this year!
*Planning our Christmas breakfast - Dale and I always make breakfast at home together Christmas morning...this year we are thinking of making donuts - yum!
*Receiving Christmas Cards - I get so excited to check the mail during December and for the first time I actually enjoyed making and sending them too!
*Thumbing through Grandmas Christmas card pile - I'm not good with guessing but I'd say she gets at least 50, some are from Switzerland and the cards are just a little different in size and very sweet looking. I love to poke fun at the ones that are over-the-top but also admire growing cousins, etc.
*Eating Grandmas special cookies (might try to bake them myself this year)

What I Ate Today:

~Cereal (HF & Organic Morning Lite, TJ's)
~Soy Mocha
~Cheese crackers

~Fat Free Eng Muffin with lite butter and PB (I think I have been converted and like the WW better)
~Soy Mocha
~More cheese crackers
~More cheese crackers
*I really didn't want morning to end today*
~More cheese crackers (need something to snack on while cooking)

~Spiced Lamb Chops Sauteed Peppers and Onions with Garlic and Mint Couscous

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I tend to cook the sames things week after week, so to help me mix things up I have decided to make one new recipe (meal) each week. Today I made a RR 30-Minute Meal entitled "Minimum Effort, Maximum Taste" (that's my kind of meal!). I love Indian food and flavors, so we didn't have to go out and buy a lot to whip this up - added bonus.

Indian Spiced Chickpea and Fire Roasted Tomato Soup; not quite as "Indian" as I would have liked, but a tasty soup. When I started cooking the soup I realized it was already 8pm, so we decided that the Lamb & Couscous will happen tomorrow night. I used 1/8 instead of 1/4 of a cup of Olive Oil which makes this soup VERY fat/calorie friendly!

What I Ate Today:

~Amy's Huevos Rancheros (Two Morningstar Farms Breakfast Patties, one over-medium egg, one HF tortilla with 1/2 slice LF white cheddar, generous splash of hot sauce - have you seen my collection?!)
~Soy Mocha
~1/2 Chicken Pesto sandwich at Erik's Deli and a bowl of their vegetarian vegetable soup
~Dbl Tall 1/2 Caff 2-Pump Soy Mocha
~Handful of Sun Chips
~Bowl of Indian Spiced Soup & 1/2 loaf (very small loaf) of warm crusty bread
~1/2 Pinata apple - new discover at the store, cannot rival my favorite Pink Ladies, but darn good.

Exercise: Still playing the sick card.

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~Cereal - out of JO's O's, but had a unopened box of Heart2Heart, though it was a bit overpowering and was not loving them like I used to
~2 mini cranberry orange muffins
~Chickenless Nuggets with spicy ketchup (will get more BBQ sauce at TJ's tomorrow)
~One generous portion of Sun Chips (they were on sale at Target today, otherwise they would have not made an appearance this week)
~2 HF tortillas with one slice of LF White Cheddar melted and a dash of hot sauce at 4:30 (dinner is not until 7:30 and I am hungry now, so needed a little snack)
~Butternut squash soup with a swirl of gorgonzola, pistachio crusted pork chop, and a mango & raspberry panna cotta that was extraordinary; we don't go out as often as we used to, so a night out with friends is worth a little splurge in ones diet. Once I figure out how to get the pictures off of my camera I will post them on Flickr.

Exercise: cough, cough, cough

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I cannot believe it has been a whole week! I hopped on the scale this morning to see I had lost almost 4 lbs, however, I wasn't that excited because I thought tomorrow was the official weigh-in (anything can happen in a day) and then I counted on my hands and realized today was day 7! Yeah for me! Thanks for your virtual support, it is really helping. I have reviewed what I ate this week and I think the big changes from previous weeks were- No Chipotle (Steak Quesadilla is yummy!), no little snack cakes from SB (even though I always get the "reduced" fat ones). I will continue to keep you updated on what I eat and hopefully I can hit the 10lb mark by the New Year (I am really hoping to not have to buy too many new work clothes)!

What I Ate Today:

~Soy Mocha
~WW Eng. Muffin, lite butter, PB
~Some cheese crackers, some Sun Chips, some more cheese crackers
~Another Tri-tip salad (a lot of Tri-tip leftover, almost all gone)
~Soy Mocha
~Fiberful, am really regretting have the Eng Muffin so early today as it is only 5pm and I am ready for dinner
~More Tri-tip but with two eggs, a WW Eng Muffin, and some hot sauce - yum, I love breakfast for dinner! The Tri-tip is now all gone - whew!
~3 Cranberry Orange Mini-Muffins (TJ's mix); I made regular sized muffins for hubby

Exercise: Still a bit under the weather...

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Elliot and I skipped music class and playtime with friends today because we both have scratchy throats and sniffles. Instead I decided to take him to the bookstore and get us a couple of new books to read, that way we could sit in our sweats and just rest with some good books all day long. On the way home I stopped at our mailbox and tugged and pulled to get everything out and decided it was time to share my frustration with you all. Ever since e-mail became something average folks used there has been this outrage over spam, or junk mail. Understandably nobody likes e-mails that come with viruses that infect your computer, though it wasn't that hard to learn not to open anything unless you knew who it was from. But what upsets me is that nobody ever talks about all the trees that die every year as a result of the original junk mail. Every day our mailbox is full with 80% junk and it takes more than the fraction of a second it takes to get rid of it (unlike clicking the delete key) and this junk mail doesn't come with a link allowing me to unsubscribe. Not to mention the mail carrier does not put what she thinks is junk into a separate folder for my convenience. Thanks for listening.

BTW, it's only December 6th and I have recieved 4 Christmas Cards already?! I thought I was ahead of the game!

What I Ate Today:

~Soy Mocha
~Two High Fiber tortillas, 1 slice split between two tortillas and nuked until nice and melty, leftover Tri-tip nuked until warm, all stuffed into tortillas with a splash of hot sauce and some fresh arugula
~Mango-Passionfruit Juice Squeeze - am always thrist for juice when I am feeling sick
~Soy Mocha
~WW Eng Muffin with lite butter & PB; Why light butter? Normally I would advocate to just have less of the real thing, but on an Eng Muffin you are after the slighly butter taste but also you just need some moisture before you add the layer of PB and that is where lite butter comes in handy because you need more than just a dab to get that soaked in moistness. My 2 cents on lite butter ;)
~Handful of Sun chips - did I mention that these and pizza pockets were my favorite lunch foods in high school (before we could drive to JackInTheBox for finger foods)
~Madras Lentils from TJ's (always yummy on cool nights), leftover Tri-Tip and of course 2 HF tortillas (I am a HUGE bread person. Bread to me is like another utensil, necessary for scooping and wiping plates clean so w/out the HF tortillas I would be screwed)
~Fully Loaded PB Cup
~Juice Squeeze

Exercise: I don't exercise when I am sick

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My house is trashed! OK, maybe I am being a bit dramatic. But truly I have shit piling up everywhere. Each day I do a little something to make it better and then a little more of something that makes it worse. I think I have a few too many half-started projects going on simultaneously. When Dale comes home sometimes I feel like he is thinking, "do you sit around and eat Bon Bon's" as he surveys the domestic scenery. But really I know he is not thinking that at all, my own insecurities take me to that nasty place. I think to myself, 'it's a good thing I am going back to work because I suck at this housewife stuff'. So what do I do each day that keeps me from keeping it together?! I decided to keep track of my day today to see where all my time goes.

~Ate breakfast while making coffee
~Played with Elliot while drinking coffee
~More playtime
*EFG down for a nap*
~Brushed teeth and got self dressed
~Worked on Christmas cards and address labels for cards
*EGF done napping*
~Fed and changed the sweet well rested boy
~Took Elliot to BabynMe...played and ate and fell asleep on ride home
*EGF down for a nap*
~Worked on Christmas cards and address labels for cards
~Emptied and re-loaded dishwasher (very quietly since EGF was asleep in car seat on kitchen table)
*EGF done napping*
~Fed and changed Elliot
~Read Elliot stories (The Giving Tree and some discover your body book)
~Watched and encourage Elliot playing on his floor gym
~Change Elliot again
~Elliot and I let Thomas out to potty in the backyard
~Gave Elliot a bath
~Tried to get Elliot to nap again (this time of the night he fights sleep - rubs eyes, ears, etc. but just won't roll with it because he doesn't want to miss anything)
~In between rocking and comforting I threw a Tri-tip in the oven
*EFG finally asleep*
~Finished & ate dinner
~Finished blog post
~Now what?
Maybe now I will clean the house - hahahaha! Though I suppose I could do my dishes. I love my life and if having a perfectly clean and orderly house means giving up anything I did today, then forget it! Life is too short! Though that doesn't mean I will stop asking, "How do people do it?"

What I Ate Today:

~Cereal (out of Organic morning lite, so just High Fiber & TJ's O's)
~Handful of TLC Cheese Crackers
~2 High fiber tortillas with TJ's Rachero Egg White Salad and low-fat white cheddar cheese inside. It really tastes good with avocado but we didn't have any and I don't need the extra fat/calories anyway.
~1 serving of Sun Chips (original flavor is my fav!). OK because I love texture I also threw a few chips inside the tortillas too. As a child I would put any type of chip inside my PBJ sandwiches just to get that wonderful crunch, one of my favorites was Nacho Cheese Doritos.
~Soy Mocha
~Whole wheat english muffin, 1/2 serving of lite butter, 1/2 serving of pb (you would be surprised how far a 1/2 serving of pb goes on an eng muffin)
~3 teeny tiny sweet & spicy pecan pieces, not enough to constitute even 1/4 of a serving and I just LOVE how they make my mocha taste after I eat them!
~Tri-tip sliced up on a bed of arugula with a sprinkling of chick peas, leftover corn, queso, sliced up roasted red pepper (from a jar) and a dash of olive oil...had my heart set on a yummy balsamic dressing when I discovered I was out of balsamic vinegar - yikes!
~I might have desert, but am posting this before I make that final decision :)

Exercise: Does assembling Christmas Cards count?

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The first two months of Elliot's life whizzed by like a flash. In fact, it was only his 3-month birthday that we were alert enough to actually celebrate. Everyone tells you how fast they grow up, how quickly they change, but you just cannot believe until you see it for yourself! Now he is 5-months old - wow!

Elliot's first month was marked by cooing and discovery of his first toy - The Whoozit.

He slept a lot the first month,
but when he was awake he loved to stare at this thing. We discovered a chip-clip effectively hung it from the side of the co-sleeper. Month 2 we were seeing him smile his gorgeous gummy grin (that I am sure you are tired of hearing me talk about). He began to roll-over from his tummy at the tail end of month 2, but it was really more about him disliking "tummy-time". Is it mean to enjoy this picture so much?

His hands amazed him in month 3 and m
oved into his mouth on a regular basis by the time we hit month 4. We thought smiling was the greatest thing on earth until we heard him giggle in month 4 - we do everything we can to elicit multiple giggles each day (sometimes he really makes us work for it!). Rolling over was what made month 5 stand out from; back to tummy to back again, generally with a dramatic finish.

Every little bit that he grows & changes, every little discovery he makes is so special, so fun to watch, so exciting to experience. Sometimes I catch myself sit
just quietly staring at him, what amazing little creatures! What will month 6 bring?!

What I Ate Today:

~Cereal with no-sugar added Soy (TJ's refrigerated version is best. I have come to really dislike everything about non-
refrigerated versions of soy...packaging, taste, texture)
~A clementine
~Soy Mocha
~Mini-handful of TLC Cheese Crackers
~Apricot Fiberful
~Soy Mocha (to go in my new favorite travel mug purchased at an SB in Hawaii)

~1 serving of TJ's prepared chicken salad split between 2 high fiber tortillas stuffed with arugula
~A clementine
~TJ's Frozen Chickenless Nuggets (long time fav, you must try!) with spicy ketchup (a few splashes of Tabasco). I was devastated to discover we were out of TJ's BBQ sauce which is what I ALWAYS eat with my nuggets!
~2 High Fiber Tortillas (not sure if I get enough fiber each day, what do you think?) with one serving of cheese split between the two and nuked until nice and melty and then rolled like a taquito.
~A clementine

Exercise: Nada

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What I Ate Today:

~Cereal (sans raisins)
~TLC Cheese Crackers (1 serving which was REALLY hard to do)
~High Fiber Tortilla with 1/2 slice of lowfat white cheddar cheese (sounds icky, but it really hits the spot)
~Soy Mocha
~Salad Nicoise with Salmon, light dressing (at Nordstrom Cafe which is surprisingly quite good)
~Dbl Tall 1/2 Caff 2-Pump Soy Mocha from SB
~Penne Pasta with Spinach* Sauce (1 serving, I use arugula in my version of the sauce and low-fat cream cheese)
~6 oz Grilled Boneless Pork Chop (the other white meat, seasoned with salt&pepper & Emeril's Essence which I know is so 5 years ago but it really adds that little something to grilled chops)
~Vino (one carefully measured 4 oz serving)

WOW, I felt hungry all day but it looks like all I did was eat! Oh well, we'll let the scale decide on Saturday


Walked all over the damn Valley Fair Mall - that place is huge and confusing to navigate! I started my x-mas shopping and it just reinforced why I prefer Thanksgiving.

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Hanging out with some friends the other day I was reminded about Santa! Can you believe I almost forgot about the tradition of taking your baby to sit on Santa's lap?! So today Dale and I packed our sweet boy into the car and headed for Stanford where we heard the Santa was pretty cool. We ate lunch first, fed EGF in the Bloomies lounge and then waited in line to meet Santa. After about 1/2 hour in line (and about 10 mintutes before it was our turn) EGF fell asleep. Do we wake him (poke the bear)? Will they let us come back? If we wake him, will he freak out (that's generally what happens when you poke said bear)? We woke him up and figured if he cried it would just look like he was afraid of Santa. Is that mean? Oh well, just add it to the list of things he'll need therapy about...haha! To our amazement EFG was in great spirits. He was a little out of it so no huge gummy grins, but we caught a little smile. I think he is still a little young to be afraid...next year maybe we'll get that quintessential crying on Santa's lap photo. Sorry, no photo to share as it may be making an appearance in our holiday cards.

What I Ate Today:

Cereal Mix (TJ's High Fiber, TJ's Organic Morning Lite, TJ's Joes O's, 1/4 serving of golden raisins)
Soy Mocha (homemade)
DBL Tall Soy 2-Pump Soy Mocha from SB
Short stack of pancakes with crispy bacon crumbled into the pancake. Thanks PA Creamery! A while back I tried to have a local diner do this for me and they refused - whatever! I know this doesn't sound like diet food, but I kept it to a short stack, didn't use butter, limited the syrup and had a side of fruit.
Skinless rotisserie chicken, corn, yummy bake at home pugliese from Grace Baking Company, wedge of laughing cow light cheese

Exercise: Does waiting in line for Santa count?

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Elliot Graham Federighi, Born 07.04.07 weighed 7lbs 4.7 ounces. That was almost 5 months ago - wow! I was really hoping for a 30lb baby so that I could wear my pre-pregnancy clothes home from the hospital. That didn't happen. So then I set my sights on the rapid weight loss caused by breastfeeding. That didn't happen. Let's face it, I love to eat. Let's face it, I don't go to the gym 5 days a week anymore. Weight loss, gain and maintenance is simple math; Consume more calories than you burn and you'll gain weight, consume fewer and you'll lose and consume that magic number and you'll maintain. Weight loss is what I am after here and I need you all to help keep me honest. So to the three or four of you that actually read my blog, you are now my weight loss support group. I am going to tell you what I eat every day (even the naughty stuff), how much I exercise, and how much weight I lose each week. I am committed to being the first American to lose weight during the holiday season. I want to lose 35lbs (not all in December, of course) because I gained 35 when I was pregnant (which is within the "healthy" range of 25-35lbs, but I also gained 15 lbs when I quit smoking...that is 50 lbs (yikes!). I effortlessly dropped 15lbs after Elliot was born, so that leaves 35 more to go. Thank you in advance for supporting me and for keeping me honest.

What I Ate Today

Whole Wheat English Muffin with PB
Soy Mocha (homemade using no-sugar added plain soy from TJ's)
Double Tall 1/2 Caff 2-Pump Soy Mocha from SB

Veggie Sandwich from local grocer (with avocado and jack cheese, no mayo)
Sun Chips (one serving)
Everything Crackers for TJ's (one serving, though I could have eaten the box)
Steak Pita
Fully-Loaded Ice Cream (one serving of this low-fat crack - thanks H&V!)


I worked in the yard (yes, that counts)

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Wednesday I got some bad news...the basket where all of my proverbial eggs were lying is booked until March. In order to have gotten into this daycare center in January I would have had to put us on the waiting list before I was even pregnant! I am now forced to activate Plan B. I am not willing to place Elliot in home daycare unless someone I know and trust has or does use the provider. After the bad news I called a provider where my friend sends her son and I was thrilled to know she had an opening. Yesterday morning I went over to her home to check things out and to discuss her caring for Elliot. She seemed nice enough, her place seemed clean enough, the kids seemed happy enough, so why was I not happy? Because no matter what, she will never care and love my son the way I do. It is beginning to break my heart that he is going to spend more of his day with this person (a relative stranger) then with me (or Daddy). I am going to hold him even closer this next month, get in as lots of extra smiles and giggles, sing extra songs, read more stories, take more walks, and snuggle in bed just a little longer because today I made the deposit...it's official.

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What was I to do with the extra pie crust in the fridge? I started making more Empanadas, this time with filled with black beans, diced green chile, salsa and cheese. And then the light bulb went off and I realized that my Empanadas were really just tiny pies with Mexican inspired filling. So I got that crazed look in my eyes and decided it was time to fill these tiny pies with something sweet - peanut butter & semi-sweet chocolate chips and strawberry & cream cheese.

Can you see the PB oozing out! Yum! They were scrumptious! So please reward yourself and make some tiny pies with your favorite filling!

How to:

Use refrigerated pie crust (the new roll-out type is best)
Roll each crust just a little thinner
Use anything in your kitchen that measures about a 4 inch circle and cut 5 to 6 circles out of each pie crust
Scoop a heaping tablespoon of your favorite filling into the middle of each circle, fold over edges and crimp with a fork
Bake at 425 for 15 minutes

It is "Stupid Easy" as Paula Deen would say.

2 comments 26 November 2007

Yesterday we hosted brunch for some friends and I decided to go a little wild. I was once again inspired by a recipe from Food TV. Robin Miller made an After-Thanksgiving Empanada using pre-made pie crust. My wheels began turning and I decided I could use Chorizo instead of turkey, keep the black beans, add an onion, add a diced potato, skip the pre-made salsa (enough flavor in the Chorizo), keep the cheese (after all it is a binding agent), keep the fresh cilantro, ditch the cumin (again, Chorizo is full of flavor) and viola, breakfast Empanadas! Using the pie crust was genius because I don't think I would have been so brave if I new had to make the crust myself. I had a bit of trouble getting the seams to seal on some of them, but to my surprise they did not open up in the oven...not one single Empanada came out badly! Yeah for me (and my hubby too)!

I also whipped up an old favorite - Chile Rellenos Casserole. In August of last year we were
honored to attend the wedding of some wonderful new friends. The day after we also attended the after-wedding brunch hosted by the Groom's parents. One of the dishes the Groom's Mom whipped up was the wonderful Chile Rellenos Casserole, which brought back wonderful memories of backyard bbq's when I was a girl. My Mom's friend would often bring this tasty dish to our bbq's and I just loved it! I came home from the wedding and the first thing I did was scour through my Mom's old recipies and sure enough, Noel's Chili Relleno's Casserole.

I think brunch is my favorite meal (as long as it comes with good friends and sweet babies and baby to-be)!

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Yesterday we had the most magnificent Thanksgiving, all about family, friends and sharing traditions. We traveled up to Novato with Dale's Mom to spend Thanksgiving with some special friends, John & Anne. These are family friends that have known Dale since he was in his Mom's belly. They showered our sweet Elliot with love (he was on his best behavior as usual) and they made us feel so welcome.

John cooked his superb turkey on the bbq, the same way he has been doing it for over 30 years, yum! The bounty was plentiful and everyone contributed. Anne made a wonderful cornbread stuffing, a cranberry relish with apricots and sweet potatoes with juicy bits of pineapple! Penny brought a roasted corn and edamame succotash, Jane made a glorious apple pie using my favorite apples of all - Pink Ladies! I baked a pumpkin pie with streusel topping (don't look too closely at the crust) and Grandma brought a yummy salad adorned with of course, cranberries. I am not sure who made the scrumptious cucumber and radish salad, but it was crisp and refreshing and along with the salad really helped to lighten the meal! I think this was the first Thanksgiving where both Dale and I were delightfully full but not so stuffed that we felt sick.

hat really made this Thanksgiving unique was the Chinese tea tasting provided to us by a friend of J&A's. Johnny put together a wonderful tasting for us and we learned how to prepare, pour, drink and just love tea! Johnny first began by tempering all the tea cups and tea pots. Notice how sweet and tiny the tea cups are. I had to feed Elliot during the first tasting of an English Red Tea, but joined back in time for the second tasting of a Chinese Red Tea which was preferred to the English version by all. Each tea steeped for a few minutes in special steeping cups and then Johnny poured the steeped tea into a special serving pot using a very specific pouring technique (notice the placement of his fingers when pouring the tea). The next tea which I do not recall the name of was extremely bitter and often used after dinner to aid in digestion (if you can actually swallow it!).

One of the most wonderful teas to watch be prepared (and to taste) was the Jasmine tea. Johnny had whole Jasmine blossoms that would bloom as they steeped; they were so beautiful! Just like tasting wine, we learned how important it is to breathe in the wonderful aroma of the tea before sipping. Our last taste was of the most exquisite of Oolong teas. This tea had gorgeous leaves and the taste was favored by everyone except me, as I was partial to the Jasmine and Chinese Red Tea. This will be one of my most memorable holidays and cannot thank Johnny enough for sharing this special tasting with us.

This was Elliot's first Thanksgiving and I am so happy that he (via me and Daddy) had such a positive experience. He smiled and giggled all night long, took an after-turkey nap in my arms and we made sure he wore a special bib worn by all the babies on their first thanksgiving (my side of the family) and since Elliot cannot yet eat turkey, he adorned the bib with lots of drool instead.

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Gobble, gobble!

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Saturday: Elliot's First Flight

We awoke at 5 am, Elliot ate breakfast, we got dressed (sans coffee) and the shuttle arrived promptly at 6am to take us to OAK. So far so good. We got some Peet's at the airport (I love airports with good coffee) and we got settled at our gate and waited for our plane to board. I fed Elliot at 5, so he would be wanting to eat agai
n right as we were ready to board the plane and I was happy about this because I heard that nursing your baby during take-off and landing can help with the ear pressure and aid in a happier baby which equals happier passengers traveling near baby. The plane lifted off right on time and we landed in hot and sticky Honolulu five hours later...what about Elliot you ask? He was AMAZING! He ate, played and slept the entire flight! I don't like to brag, but more than one person remarked at what a great baby he was (insert proud mama glow here).

Saturday Evening: The Grocery Store

When we finally arrive in Kauai we dropped Elliot, Grandma
and all of our luggage off at the hotel and headed for the grocery store. Thanks to Papa and Grammy we were staying in beautiful two-bedroom condo equipped with a full-kitchen that only lacked some fresh food from the market. Dale and I headed back to Lihue to Star Market. We picked up some salami and cheese for lunch/snacking, yogurt and cereal for breakfast (yummy haupia, liche, papaya and mango flavors), beer, diapers (too big to pack), milk, ice cream, bread and water...all for the low, low price of $165.00 and I did not leave anything off the list! Ouch! A 1/2 gallon of milk was $6.00! Mid-way through our shopping excursion we called Grandma to inquire about flavors of yogurt she would like to eat when we learned Elliot was having his first Hawaiian breakdown...so we grabbed the last few items and jetted back to the hotel. By the time we arrived our sweet boy was fed and fast asleep, whew!

Sunday: Elliot's First Swim

This was our first whole day on the island and we chose to acclimate ourselves at the pool. I slathered my son with chemical free s
unscreen, put a hat on him and we headed for the pool. We cannot say that he loved the water...but he didn't hate it.

After a long day at the pool (long day in baby time = about 2 hours) we explored our dinner options and tried Tomkats Grille in Old Koloa town. The food was good, not gre
at. We headed to a more "economical" grocery store after dinner to pick up a few items so we could BBQ our own dinner the next night...BIG SAVE market was another 100 bucks for a few steaks, some PB, sandwich bread and not much else...so it wasn't quite a BIG SAVE.

Hawaiian Farmers Market

We awoke bright and early I drove Daddy to the golf course (so we could have the car to go out and about), came back to the lovely condo and by the time Elliot ate, Mommy and Grandma had coffee and breakfast, Elliot decided to nap and then eat and then before you new it, it was almost time to pick up Daddy...the space time continuum is quite different with a baby. I read about a Farmers Market in Old Koloa Town and thought it would be great to experience and also to pick-up some produce for the dinner that night. Grandma and I drove over, I put Elliot in the Bjorn and we walked towards the market. Though it was fun to see and buy some of the unique local produce, it left a little something to be desired when you are used to California Farmer's Markets. They had some HUGE (and tasty) avocados, wonderful sweet cucumbers, yummy Apple-bananaas, super-sweet pineapple and fresh cold coconut juice (served in the coconut). We loaded up and then went to meet Daddy for lunch at the golf course. And that night Daddy grilled some mean steaks, we microwaved some potatoes, sliced up the yummy cucumbers and avocados and had a wonderful minimalist dinner (condo's don't come with a spice cabinet).

Tuesday: More Pool Time

We got up, drank our coffee, ate our breakfast, etc., etc. and finally made it to the pool around lunch time. I packed us some PB&J's and some other goodies. We got Elliot back into the pool; we certainly enjoyed it more than he did. I must admit I was feeling a little blue about our trip at this point. I felt like time was moving so quickly and here we were on this beautiful island and most of what I saw up to this point were the walls of the condo and the hotel pool. I had pre-vacation fantasies of putting Elliot in the Bjorn and taking long walks along the beach...not realizing the beach was not very long and babies shouldn't be in the sun (especially tropical sun) for too long. Things were about to look up as we had a special activity planned for Wednesday.

Wednesday: Horseback Riding & Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Oh My!

For the last 14 years I have been dying to go horseback riding with Dale someplace special (Wine Country, Hawaii, you get the idea). So my dear hubby finally made reservations for us. We got up bright and early and headed to the northern side of the island (Princeville). We were on the road about 10 minutes when I realized I forgot my tennis shoes (flip flops are not appropriate attire for horseback riding). This little slip-up put us a bit behind. But thinking quickly on my feet (as I generally do), when I grabbed my shoes I grabbed a bottle and the pump too. My original plan was for us to arrive a 1/2 hour early so I could nurse Elliot and then Grandma would have a happy baby for the 1 1/2 hours we would be riding. Now we would arrive just a few minutes before the ride, so when we were about 20 minutes from the stables I pulled out the pump and got down to milk-making business and by the time we were there I was done and ready for the ride.

Dale rode a really slow horse named Big Blue and I rode a sweet obedient guy named JJ. The ranch was about 2500 acres and was home to some sweet cows as well. We rode to the edge of a cliff with breathtaking views all along the way and altogether had a wonderful time. As we took our final steps back to the stable I h
eard the faintest sound of my sweet son crying his eyes out. We are not 100% certain, but it seems that he sensed us riding in because he was the happiest little boy until Mommy was within reach. He settled down and had a little nap for the ride home.

After the ride we cleaned up and headed to the Poi Pu Shopping Center to have dinner at Roy's. I was skeptical of this chain-like restaurant, but was so glad I gave it a chance. I had the Short Ribs which were so tender and mouth-watering that I am salivating just writing about them. The Pineapple Upside Down Cake was amazing, it is one of my favorite deserts and I commend Roy's for a job very well done. The cake was a tab bit crispy, the pineapple was sweet and a little caramely (yes, caramely is a word)! Mr. Gr
aham talked and giggle (no crying) during the whole meal and even though we new he was tired (rubbing eyes and ears constantly) he wouldn't sleep out of a fear of missing something and he hung in there like a trooper and let us enjoy our wonderful dinner.

Thursday: Honeymoon (Round Two)

The day started out early with me driving Daddy to golf up in Lihue. I got a little lost on my way back so luckily Grandma had a bottle for Elliot. Time once again got the best of us and right as we were into Old Koloa Daddy called and needed to be picked-up. We headed back up to Lihue, came back to home base to so Daddy could rinse off, we had a snack and then finally made it to Old Koloa town. A cute touristy town with Shaved Ice, a candle shop, a few restaurants and plenty of "Hawaiian attire" for sale. We then headed back to get ready for our special dinner. Roughly 2 1/2 years ago Dale and I honeymooned on Kauai and had a very special sunset dinner at The Beach House. When Grandma offered to baby-sit so we could have dinner out, we decided to re-visit The Beach House. The first time we ate there the dinner was just okay...but we think they got a new chef in the
meantime because not only was the sunset amazing, so was the food! I know it doesn't sound very tropical but we had the best blueberry tart for desert!

Friday: Our Day Out

Our last full day, so we decided that some site seeing was in order. I know my dear husband sensed that I really needed to get out so he planned a lovely little day for us. We headed northwest to see Spouting Horn. I saw it as a child and though it is not that big of a deal it was still fun to experience with hubby, grandma and baby. Next we headed to Hanapepe which has a ton of galleries that were ALL closed (typical Kaiser-Federighi luck).
But we did make our own fun...we happened into a bookstore where I found they had a wonderful selection of used cook books. I bought a wonderful 1940 copy of The American Woman's Cook Book and I kick myself for not buying Island Recipes for your Microwave Oven. I seem to remember having a cookbook like this when I was growing up, I will have to do some research. I know have a new hobby...collecting old cookbooks! Dale and I also played on the swinging bridge which seemed like a cheesy thing to mention as a tourist attraction but when we got there it seemed to entertain us well enough. It does swing quite a bit when you walk on it, so much so that neither of us were brave enough to walk all the way over. We ended the day by picking up pizza at a spot recommended by locals - Brick Oven. For Kauai I am sure this was great pizza, for how hungry I was it was decent pizza. I judge a pizza by its mushrooms and if they are canned...no good. The rest of the pizza was pretty darn tasty so I won't take as many points away this time.

Saturday: Almost Home

Don't fly ATA! I have never had so little leg room on a flight, not to mention it felt like the temperature was set to 80 degrees! I was sweaty, my baby was sweaty and even though we arrived 30 minutes early we spent 40 minutes waiting for a gate (though this was more of a fog issue than an ATA issue). Not to mention the only seat with 2 oxygen masks (necessary for person who holds the baby) was the window which meant every time I need to change his diaper I had to have Dale and Grandma get up. It then took the baggage another 1/2 hour to arrive. We should have been home around 12 and we didn't get home until almost 1:30 in the morning. I have to give props to our shuttle company for being on-time when we departed and waiting for us when we came home. Elliot was the least cranky of us all - another successful flight with my happy baby!

Mahalo Mucho if you actually read this whole damn thing!

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It seems like some people have forgotten some of the basics of driving that we learned in Driver's-Ed. In an effort to help you not to irritate me on the road I have decided to offer a refresher course. Don't get me wrong, I make mistakes when I drive too (sometimes intentionally). Sometimes I find myself driving too slow in the fast lane or running the yellow-red lights (though that has stopped now that Elliot is in the car), but I still think we could all benefit from a refresher course (and it will make me feel better).

Chapter One: Turning

  1. Hug the corner when you are turning right (get out of the way so you don't slow down traffic)
  2. DO NOT Hug the corner when you are turning left (do not drive into oncoming traffic)
  3. When turning left and there are multiple left turn lanes STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE!


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Dale and I have been secretly living with The Crane's for the last couple of years. A couple of years ago I started watching Frasier (natural progression from Cheers) and slowly Dale was sucked in! We would watch together and laugh together but never really acknowledge our love for The Crane Family. We would mention it casually to friends but never really letting on about how great we really thought this show was. I went through a brief period of depression when a good friend told me that Kelsey Grammer was a far-right republican. I have decided to live in denial as he is not the genius behind the shows success anyway (I do denial really well). Recently we were having dinner with some friends and the show was once again casually brought up and to our utter enjoyment our friends love it too! Knowing that our friends loved Frasier validated it for us and made us feel more comfortable expressing how much we REALLY love the show. They had not seen quite as many episodes as we had and not in succession so they had a few questions about the story line and well...they soon found out (and were undoubtedly scared) how much we knew about the show when we starting filling in blanks for them without hesitation - we were like a fricken encyclopedia.

My friend Hannah and I have always shared in a love for silly sitcoms before bed (did someone say Mama's Family?!). Sometime in early college I had a short bout of insomnia and developed the need to fall asleep with the television on. It was of equal importance what was on the tele because I often would have dreams started by whatever I was watching, so nothing scary or thought provoking! In the beginning (I didn't have cable) I would watch David Letterman, Mama's Family, Coach, Home Improvement and Cheers. Through the years I transitioned to shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Cosby Show, The Family Guy, and so on. I even went through a short period where I watched The Nanny (I hate to admit that one). Ever since we began sharing a tele at night, Dale has tolerated my choice of programming waiting until I was fast asleep to change the channel. Thankfully he does not have to tolerate it anymore! We have seen every episode and it was on for 11 years - so that is a lot of Frasier. I feel better now that I have gotten this off my chest. Happy Friday!

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Elliot I rushed out the door and to save time I brought myself a sandwich and a snack to eat in the car. As we were driving down the road I decided to start with my snack, a tangy berry Fiberful - yum! If you are familiar with this treat you will know that sometimes you get an extra thick one, sometimes they are a little tough and stale and sometimes they are just perfect, soft and chewy. Well this one was especially soft. It was so soft and tasty that I found myself making mmmm noises out loud. After two bites I was halfway done and I decided to look at my food...

This will not keep me from eating or recommending this tasty treat, but I would suggest looking at your food before you eat - haha!

3 comments 25 October 2007

  • Make and devour a homemade double 1/2 Caf Soy Mocha (this always comes first)
  • Read e-mail
  • Read Benbo (including comments, I am obsessed)
  • Check Flickr for adorable babies (Vivian, Jonah and for some reason I look at Elliot's too even though I am generally the one that posts them)
  • Call Dale
  • Use the restroom
  • Add to Elliot's baby book
  • Brush teeth
  • Return phone calls
  • Stare out the window
  • Stare at the sweet sleeping baby making sweet sleeping baby noises
  • Throw in a load of laundry
  • Brainstorm dinner (one bright idea is for Dale to pick up dinner...Chipotle or Indian)
  • Wash dishes
  • Cook dinner (see brainstorming)
  • Empty the dishwasher (the downside to cooking = more dishes)
and last but never least...

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I used to hate daytime TV (circa 1990) when the only thing on was soap operas and talk shows (and re-runs of The Andy Griffith Show). And even though I know intellectually that daytime is different now with so many channels to choose from (Food, Home, Music, History, etc.) and DVR’s to help get through those dull moments, I still held on to that loathing for daytime TV. But that all changed when Dale went back to work and Elliot began nursing like a champ…I turned on the tele and it has now become a ritual when I sit on the sofa to feed Elliot I tune in to Food TV! I seem to always feed him during Paula Deen, Everyday Italian, 30 Minute Meals (don't hate Rach) or Diners, Drive-In's & Dives. These shows have been both entertaining to me and have been bringing out my inner chef. I have always been a Food TV junkie (from way back when Emeril was still cool), but I would watch from afar (with admiration) never thinking I could really cook something that good! I would express my inner-foodie by dining out, not in. Over the years I gained more confidence in my cooking (practice, practice) but never really got very adventurous. Well, if you spend enough time in front of Food TV you are going to get inspired eventually. In the last two weeks I have been inspired to make a few things and have been so impressed with myself that I had to share.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches - I made the chicken, toasted some rolls and called it dinner!
Penne with Spinach & Arugula Sauce - I used Arugula in the sauce and it added a little kick. This is a super easy weeknight and if you toss in a bit of grilled chicken you have a very complete meal too!
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Fingers - Nothing special, but better than just plan old chicken. The dipping sauce is yummy!
Steak and Arugula Salad - I used flank steak and it was great! This is a wonderful weeknight meal when you want some meat but nothing super heavy.
And...(Drum roll please)
Halibut with Balsamic Glaze - This recipe was a bit of an adventure because my regular grocery store does not sell seafood (a few packages of pre-marinated salmon) so I bought fish for the first time at a nearby Asian market where the seafood is so fresh it is swimming in tanks. I've been to this Asian market before, but never for seafood and since I am a novice with seafood to begin with I was a bit nervous. All they had for halibut were steaks and I needed fillets, so a guy came out and cut this giant steak into four pieces, removed the skin and bone and convinced me they were fillets. This recipe was a big deal for
me because I have mental block when it comes to cooking anything from the sea - love to eat it, fear cooking it! My sweet husband even took a picture.