06 December 2007

Elliot and I skipped music class and playtime with friends today because we both have scratchy throats and sniffles. Instead I decided to take him to the bookstore and get us a couple of new books to read, that way we could sit in our sweats and just rest with some good books all day long. On the way home I stopped at our mailbox and tugged and pulled to get everything out and decided it was time to share my frustration with you all. Ever since e-mail became something average folks used there has been this outrage over spam, or junk mail. Understandably nobody likes e-mails that come with viruses that infect your computer, though it wasn't that hard to learn not to open anything unless you knew who it was from. But what upsets me is that nobody ever talks about all the trees that die every year as a result of the original junk mail. Every day our mailbox is full with 80% junk and it takes more than the fraction of a second it takes to get rid of it (unlike clicking the delete key) and this junk mail doesn't come with a link allowing me to unsubscribe. Not to mention the mail carrier does not put what she thinks is junk into a separate folder for my convenience. Thanks for listening.

BTW, it's only December 6th and I have recieved 4 Christmas Cards already?! I thought I was ahead of the game!

What I Ate Today:

~Soy Mocha
~Two High Fiber tortillas, 1 slice split between two tortillas and nuked until nice and melty, leftover Tri-tip nuked until warm, all stuffed into tortillas with a splash of hot sauce and some fresh arugula
~Mango-Passionfruit Juice Squeeze - am always thrist for juice when I am feeling sick
~Soy Mocha
~WW Eng Muffin with lite butter & PB; Why light butter? Normally I would advocate to just have less of the real thing, but on an Eng Muffin you are after the slighly butter taste but also you just need some moisture before you add the layer of PB and that is where lite butter comes in handy because you need more than just a dab to get that soaked in moistness. My 2 cents on lite butter ;)
~Handful of Sun chips - did I mention that these and pizza pockets were my favorite lunch foods in high school (before we could drive to JackInTheBox for finger foods)
~Madras Lentils from TJ's (always yummy on cool nights), leftover Tri-Tip and of course 2 HF tortillas (I am a HUGE bread person. Bread to me is like another utensil, necessary for scooping and wiping plates clean so w/out the HF tortillas I would be screwed)
~Fully Loaded PB Cup
~Juice Squeeze

Exercise: I don't exercise when I am sick


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