04 December 2007

The first two months of Elliot's life whizzed by like a flash. In fact, it was only his 3-month birthday that we were alert enough to actually celebrate. Everyone tells you how fast they grow up, how quickly they change, but you just cannot believe until you see it for yourself! Now he is 5-months old - wow!

Elliot's first month was marked by cooing and discovery of his first toy - The Whoozit.

He slept a lot the first month,
but when he was awake he loved to stare at this thing. We discovered a chip-clip effectively hung it from the side of the co-sleeper. Month 2 we were seeing him smile his gorgeous gummy grin (that I am sure you are tired of hearing me talk about). He began to roll-over from his tummy at the tail end of month 2, but it was really more about him disliking "tummy-time". Is it mean to enjoy this picture so much?

His hands amazed him in month 3 and m
oved into his mouth on a regular basis by the time we hit month 4. We thought smiling was the greatest thing on earth until we heard him giggle in month 4 - we do everything we can to elicit multiple giggles each day (sometimes he really makes us work for it!). Rolling over was what made month 5 stand out from; back to tummy to back again, generally with a dramatic finish.

Every little bit that he grows & changes, every little discovery he makes is so special, so fun to watch, so exciting to experience. Sometimes I catch myself sit
just quietly staring at him, what amazing little creatures! What will month 6 bring?!

What I Ate Today:

~Cereal with no-sugar added Soy (TJ's refrigerated version is best. I have come to really dislike everything about non-
refrigerated versions of soy...packaging, taste, texture)
~A clementine
~Soy Mocha
~Mini-handful of TLC Cheese Crackers
~Apricot Fiberful
~Soy Mocha (to go in my new favorite travel mug purchased at an SB in Hawaii)

~1 serving of TJ's prepared chicken salad split between 2 high fiber tortillas stuffed with arugula
~A clementine
~TJ's Frozen Chickenless Nuggets (long time fav, you must try!) with spicy ketchup (a few splashes of Tabasco). I was devastated to discover we were out of TJ's BBQ sauce which is what I ALWAYS eat with my nuggets!
~2 High Fiber Tortillas (not sure if I get enough fiber each day, what do you think?) with one serving of cheese split between the two and nuked until nice and melty and then rolled like a taquito.
~A clementine

Exercise: Nada


hannah m said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet, Sweet Elliot!

I think I'm going to have to get some of those high fiber tortillas! Yummers.

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