02 December 2007

Hanging out with some friends the other day I was reminded about Santa! Can you believe I almost forgot about the tradition of taking your baby to sit on Santa's lap?! So today Dale and I packed our sweet boy into the car and headed for Stanford where we heard the Santa was pretty cool. We ate lunch first, fed EGF in the Bloomies lounge and then waited in line to meet Santa. After about 1/2 hour in line (and about 10 mintutes before it was our turn) EGF fell asleep. Do we wake him (poke the bear)? Will they let us come back? If we wake him, will he freak out (that's generally what happens when you poke said bear)? We woke him up and figured if he cried it would just look like he was afraid of Santa. Is that mean? Oh well, just add it to the list of things he'll need therapy about...haha! To our amazement EFG was in great spirits. He was a little out of it so no huge gummy grins, but we caught a little smile. I think he is still a little young to be afraid...next year maybe we'll get that quintessential crying on Santa's lap photo. Sorry, no photo to share as it may be making an appearance in our holiday cards.

What I Ate Today:

Cereal Mix (TJ's High Fiber, TJ's Organic Morning Lite, TJ's Joes O's, 1/4 serving of golden raisins)
Soy Mocha (homemade)
DBL Tall Soy 2-Pump Soy Mocha from SB
Short stack of pancakes with crispy bacon crumbled into the pancake. Thanks PA Creamery! A while back I tried to have a local diner do this for me and they refused - whatever! I know this doesn't sound like diet food, but I kept it to a short stack, didn't use butter, limited the syrup and had a side of fruit.
Skinless rotisserie chicken, corn, yummy bake at home pugliese from Grace Baking Company, wedge of laughing cow light cheese

Exercise: Does waiting in line for Santa count?


Jennie said...

Oh joy! Can't wait to see the photo. That must have been a really fun experience for the three of you...

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