07 December 2007

I cannot believe it has been a whole week! I hopped on the scale this morning to see I had lost almost 4 lbs, however, I wasn't that excited because I thought tomorrow was the official weigh-in (anything can happen in a day) and then I counted on my hands and realized today was day 7! Yeah for me! Thanks for your virtual support, it is really helping. I have reviewed what I ate this week and I think the big changes from previous weeks were- No Chipotle (Steak Quesadilla is yummy!), no little snack cakes from SB (even though I always get the "reduced" fat ones). I will continue to keep you updated on what I eat and hopefully I can hit the 10lb mark by the New Year (I am really hoping to not have to buy too many new work clothes)!

What I Ate Today:

~Soy Mocha
~WW Eng. Muffin, lite butter, PB
~Some cheese crackers, some Sun Chips, some more cheese crackers
~Another Tri-tip salad (a lot of Tri-tip leftover, almost all gone)
~Soy Mocha
~Fiberful, am really regretting have the Eng Muffin so early today as it is only 5pm and I am ready for dinner
~More Tri-tip but with two eggs, a WW Eng Muffin, and some hot sauce - yum, I love breakfast for dinner! The Tri-tip is now all gone - whew!
~3 Cranberry Orange Mini-Muffins (TJ's mix); I made regular sized muffins for hubby

Exercise: Still a bit under the weather...


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