4 comments 09 November 2008

Our little baby bear started walking today and it is CUTE! He has been walking holding on to furniture for quite some time, so I didn't expect to enjoy it so very much! I would imagine that by next week he will have abandoned the crawling altogether, sad and exhilarating at the same time. I have been in denial for quite some time that he is a "Toddler" but I guess there is no denying it anymore. I just had no idea that my baby would only be a "baby" for such a short time. Some dear friends were in town this weekend so they got to share this with us and it gave us something extra to toast over dinner.

3 comments 05 November 2008

We Voted!

Elliot may have been born when W was president, but on his 16-month Birthday we voted (with him right at our side) and elected Obama our 44th President of the United States (I still get teary when I hear someone say that on the radio).

1 comments 04 November 2008