7 comments 06 September 2007

"You will have accomplished a lot if you manage to get up and shower each day" said some WIse Mama's I know regarding my BIG PLANS for maternity leave. This was in response to the "To Do" list I made the mistake of sharing with my dear Mama friends. When they read the list of things I was planning on accomplishing while on leave they laughed and made the above comment. I felt like such a silly soon-to-be first time mom, but was sure nonetheless that it would be different for me. But now I know from experience that they were so RIGHT! I cannot recall what I do each day, yet somehow they days goes from 8am to 6pm in what seems like 60 seconds. My day-to-day with Elliot is a race against the clock between feedings...trying to get somehting to eat (not that a lack of calories is a problem per se), trying to make a phone call, possibly a load of laudrey, and then POOF Dad is home and it is time for dinner - whew! The day always revloves around feedings (less so now that we are just nursing) and play time (you have to take advantage of the windows of awake time and it is not always predictable when they will occur), but I am quickly learning the art of timing to make the most of my day.

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I have decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon ... and I chose Blogger as my weapon of choice because I can type my posts in Arial Narrow which is my signature font. I started a blog (with a measly 2 posts) on Yahoo! 360 a few weeks after my son Elliot was born...but sadly no Arial Narrow. I was going to move over my two posts, but I thought it would be better all around to just start from scratch (if you are really interested you can go to Yahoo! 360 and read them just search for amykaiser2).

I have been racking my brain trying to decide what the theme of my blog would be...Mommy Blog, Cynical Bay Area 30-Something, Wannabe Intellectual. Then my dear husband gently pointed out to me that I didn't need to have a theme. So I will just write about stuff and you can read it if you are so inclined.