4 comments 27 May 2010

So I ventured into my next sewing project! But first, a tiny bit of back-story. When we first moved into our home I was struck at how well my fuzzy socks cleaned the floor as I shuffled around the house each evening. And when I came across this tutorial I thought, brilliant! {I've started the felt flash cards too - eek!} My practical side and my creative side converged, and this is what was born.

Yes, it's a reusable dust-bunny cloth! Certainly mine was not as attractive or as finished, but hey it's only my 2nd sewing project ever (minus the pillow I made in third grade). This project also appealed to my need-to-be-greener side and my get-over-on-the-man side (ha ha - proctor & gamble won't be getting a dime from me for refills).

4 comments 02 May 2010

Step 1: Buy a machine, but not just any machine, a computerized one!
Step 2: Go to fabric store and buy some cheap-o fabric
Step 3: Figure out how to thread a needle. If you can't figure this out (and I almost gave up) then take the machine back and find another hobby.
Step 3: Sew a few stitches on some cheap-o fabric
Step 4: When you're bored of sewing stitches on cheap-o fabric, make something. I chose to make an envelope pillow cover. I still used cheap-o fabric as I was not necessarily intending on actually using this pillow cover, but figured it would give me focused practice time.

***I really like some of the cheap-o fabric and thought this could just be the new pillow we've been needing for our family room!***

Step 5: Cut off the sides and start again because the envelope overlap is too short and it flops open. Not to mention, the pillow is a tad too long (awkwardly so).
Step 6: Re-sew the sides of the pillow using a Serging Stitch (on my first day? Indeed, I went for it!)
Step 7: Realize that the second time making the pillow cover {did I mention it was a 15-20 minute pillow cover that has now taken me close to 2 hours} that I forgot to turn it inside-out? As I stand up from my new machine still proud of my first project regardless of its flaws (and there were many), I hear my husband begin to yell...
Step 8: Clean up dog piss that is rapidly endangering computer CPU with my new inside-out pillow cover.
Step 9: Order pizza and call it a night.