27 May 2010

So I ventured into my next sewing project! But first, a tiny bit of back-story. When we first moved into our home I was struck at how well my fuzzy socks cleaned the floor as I shuffled around the house each evening. And when I came across this tutorial I thought, brilliant! {I've started the felt flash cards too - eek!} My practical side and my creative side converged, and this is what was born.

Yes, it's a reusable dust-bunny cloth! Certainly mine was not as attractive or as finished, but hey it's only my 2nd sewing project ever (minus the pillow I made in third grade). This project also appealed to my need-to-be-greener side and my get-over-on-the-man side (ha ha - proctor & gamble won't be getting a dime from me for refills).


karolina said...

i love it! very clever.

hannah m said...

SO cool. I remember you talking about how well your socks picked up the dust - this is so clever!

Sew Much Ado said...

It turned out great! Hehe, I also love not shelling out the money to Proctor and Gamble! I'd love it if you added your photo and link to the Sew Much Ado Flickr Pool, everyone would love to see it. Here's the link if you'd like:


Ducky said...

Brilliant, AK!

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