0 comments 31 March 2009

No loss is a huge gain this week! I had so many social engagements this week...

Dinner with a dear friend who came to town, exquisite Peruvian food in The City
A Wedding, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries - oh my!
A Surprise Party to celebrate a the accomplishments of another dear friend - Baked Potato Soup with all the fixin's and Ice Cream Sundaes (with Hot Fudge AND Marshmallow Cream!)

These were all real moments worth celebrating! I accomplished my goal of not gaining- yay! I am not going to micro-focus on the fact that I have 9 weeks to go - yikes! I just need to step-up my game! Have a healthy week!

1 comments 24 March 2009

I did an unofficial weigh-in yesterday as I was tied up today and not able to make it "official" today, but it looks like I lost that pesky pound I gained last week. Today I am accepting the reality that with 10 weeks left to go, 15lbs is not looking likely. Of course, I am going to keep going regardless. I didn't make it to the gym this past weekend, but if the weather holds out I am inspired to do some roller blading this weekend and that should burn some major calories! Have a healthy week~

1 comments 17 March 2009

I was in a meeting at work recently where we discussed 'Community Engagement'. The dialogue was already well passed the definition of and had moved to the importance of, the value in, and the risk in not 'doing'. I have been in these discussions often, so my mind wandered. I wandered back to the definition of community. All my life I have interpreted the word to mean a group defined by a common interest or belief in something...a church community, neighborhood, etc. But in this discussion they were talking about people who lived within pre-defined boundaries. I started to wonder how many people in the room were like me. I live in one community and work in another (and I am not a distance commuter). I sleep in one and spend much of my awake time in the other. I send my son to school in the other (really it is daycare, but it makes me feel better to call it school). I shop in both, actually I shop in multiple others. I find myself engrossed in local politics in both places, but more in the other (naturally because I work for the other). I only vote where I sleep, those are the rules. The 'engagement' discussion that I zoned out of excluded me and my family, we were not who they were trying to reach. I realized that outside of a professional capacity I wouldn't be invited to any of their meetings and I must admit that hurt a little.


OK, I must admit I am starting to get discouraged. I gained a whole pound this week! I did not expect to lose, but I hoped to not gain either. Yes, we took a mini-vacation. Yes, I ate more than a typical week. But I really managed my portions and kept my 'splurging' to just 1 1/3 days (4 meals). I packed my high-fiber cereal and oatmeal to ensure we had a healthy to start to each day! I really expected to be much closer to 10 pounds as I approached my half-way mark. I am going to limit my dwelling to today and tonight and tomorrow will be a new day! I will get some exercise in this weekend and see you here again next week, hopefully reporting a loss! Here's to a healthy week!

0 comments 10 March 2009

I was quite sick for '13-weeks' but I am back and am moving in the downward direction, yay! I weighed in 1.4 pounds lighter today. I must admit I expected a greater loss then this since two-weeks have passed (and I couldn't eat for 2 whole days!) but I also haven't exercised in two-weeks either, so I'll take it! We are off for a mini-vacation this weekend so I'll have to find balance, hopefully some exercise will creep in to offset any extra calories consumed. Have a healthy week!