17 March 2009

OK, I must admit I am starting to get discouraged. I gained a whole pound this week! I did not expect to lose, but I hoped to not gain either. Yes, we took a mini-vacation. Yes, I ate more than a typical week. But I really managed my portions and kept my 'splurging' to just 1 1/3 days (4 meals). I packed my high-fiber cereal and oatmeal to ensure we had a healthy to start to each day! I really expected to be much closer to 10 pounds as I approached my half-way mark. I am going to limit my dwelling to today and tonight and tomorrow will be a new day! I will get some exercise in this weekend and see you here again next week, hopefully reporting a loss! Here's to a healthy week!


karolina said...

amy, don't be discouraged. might i add that you look positively *radiant* in this pic http://www.flickr.com/photos/dfederighi/3358894268/ !

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