01 December 2007

Elliot Graham Federighi, Born 07.04.07 weighed 7lbs 4.7 ounces. That was almost 5 months ago - wow! I was really hoping for a 30lb baby so that I could wear my pre-pregnancy clothes home from the hospital. That didn't happen. So then I set my sights on the rapid weight loss caused by breastfeeding. That didn't happen. Let's face it, I love to eat. Let's face it, I don't go to the gym 5 days a week anymore. Weight loss, gain and maintenance is simple math; Consume more calories than you burn and you'll gain weight, consume fewer and you'll lose and consume that magic number and you'll maintain. Weight loss is what I am after here and I need you all to help keep me honest. So to the three or four of you that actually read my blog, you are now my weight loss support group. I am going to tell you what I eat every day (even the naughty stuff), how much I exercise, and how much weight I lose each week. I am committed to being the first American to lose weight during the holiday season. I want to lose 35lbs (not all in December, of course) because I gained 35 when I was pregnant (which is within the "healthy" range of 25-35lbs, but I also gained 15 lbs when I quit smoking...that is 50 lbs (yikes!). I effortlessly dropped 15lbs after Elliot was born, so that leaves 35 more to go. Thank you in advance for supporting me and for keeping me honest.

What I Ate Today

Whole Wheat English Muffin with PB
Soy Mocha (homemade using no-sugar added plain soy from TJ's)
Double Tall 1/2 Caff 2-Pump Soy Mocha from SB

Veggie Sandwich from local grocer (with avocado and jack cheese, no mayo)
Sun Chips (one serving)
Everything Crackers for TJ's (one serving, though I could have eaten the box)
Steak Pita
Fully-Loaded Ice Cream (one serving of this low-fat crack - thanks H&V!)


I worked in the yard (yes, that counts)


Linda said...

Losing weight during the holidays; you are a stud. I'm in your corner. I love to eat too. Can I offer a suggestion from those times when I've gotten into the right mindset for weight loss? Rely on your natural strengths. In my case, stubbornness was my ally (just as terror kept me going in graduate school :) . . . just a side note).

So, go for it. I love your confident determination. You are also smart, creative, enthusiastic and motivated. You totally know how to make things fun. And, you've recently been enjoying cooking. That's a huge plus.

Is this still a comment? Or, has it become a letter. Hmmm. Pledging support and signing off.

Jennie said...

Seconding you are a stud. You are one of the most, if not THE most balanced, healthy (mind & body) person I know. Whatever you set your mind to, you accomplish with grace. I will be rooting for you Amy Amy. No matter what, I love you to death!

PS. Cute title - love it!

christey said...

We're here for you amy! way to go and I admire your determination. I hope it goes smoother for you. No one told me that after weening, I should stop consuming the same amount of calories i was consuming while breastfeeding. I remember it took me about a 1yr after Julian was born, to feel like a girl again.

Go girl!

hannah m said...

I love using blogging to get things done! You, beautiful mama, rock my world. I'm happy that I will be benefiting from seeing what you eat--you are my snack diva and inspiration for yummy & healthy! Have you restocked with Vitatops yet?

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