03 December 2007

What I Ate Today:

~Cereal (sans raisins)
~TLC Cheese Crackers (1 serving which was REALLY hard to do)
~High Fiber Tortilla with 1/2 slice of lowfat white cheddar cheese (sounds icky, but it really hits the spot)
~Soy Mocha
~Salad Nicoise with Salmon, light dressing (at Nordstrom Cafe which is surprisingly quite good)
~Dbl Tall 1/2 Caff 2-Pump Soy Mocha from SB
~Penne Pasta with Spinach* Sauce (1 serving, I use arugula in my version of the sauce and low-fat cream cheese)
~6 oz Grilled Boneless Pork Chop (the other white meat, seasoned with salt&pepper & Emeril's Essence which I know is so 5 years ago but it really adds that little something to grilled chops)
~Vino (one carefully measured 4 oz serving)

WOW, I felt hungry all day but it looks like all I did was eat! Oh well, we'll let the scale decide on Saturday


Walked all over the damn Valley Fair Mall - that place is huge and confusing to navigate! I started my x-mas shopping and it just reinforced why I prefer Thanksgiving.


hannah m said...

Lady, I'm LOVING this food journal thing! I can just taste that dinner!

And isn't Valley Fair the craziest mall EVER? I love it, but it feels like Mall of America to me. And there seems to be a pretzel shop (mmmm, cinnamon sugar pretzel) on every corner, making it hard to know where you really are. But, I bet you got things done, which must feel good. And you had your little buddy with you to distract you from the craziness!

Thanksgiving is definitely the best holiday!

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