05 December 2007

My house is trashed! OK, maybe I am being a bit dramatic. But truly I have shit piling up everywhere. Each day I do a little something to make it better and then a little more of something that makes it worse. I think I have a few too many half-started projects going on simultaneously. When Dale comes home sometimes I feel like he is thinking, "do you sit around and eat Bon Bon's" as he surveys the domestic scenery. But really I know he is not thinking that at all, my own insecurities take me to that nasty place. I think to myself, 'it's a good thing I am going back to work because I suck at this housewife stuff'. So what do I do each day that keeps me from keeping it together?! I decided to keep track of my day today to see where all my time goes.

~Ate breakfast while making coffee
~Played with Elliot while drinking coffee
~More playtime
*EFG down for a nap*
~Brushed teeth and got self dressed
~Worked on Christmas cards and address labels for cards
*EGF done napping*
~Fed and changed the sweet well rested boy
~Took Elliot to BabynMe...played and ate and fell asleep on ride home
*EGF down for a nap*
~Worked on Christmas cards and address labels for cards
~Emptied and re-loaded dishwasher (very quietly since EGF was asleep in car seat on kitchen table)
*EGF done napping*
~Fed and changed Elliot
~Read Elliot stories (The Giving Tree and some discover your body book)
~Watched and encourage Elliot playing on his floor gym
~Change Elliot again
~Elliot and I let Thomas out to potty in the backyard
~Gave Elliot a bath
~Tried to get Elliot to nap again (this time of the night he fights sleep - rubs eyes, ears, etc. but just won't roll with it because he doesn't want to miss anything)
~In between rocking and comforting I threw a Tri-tip in the oven
*EFG finally asleep*
~Finished & ate dinner
~Finished blog post
~Now what?
Maybe now I will clean the house - hahahaha! Though I suppose I could do my dishes. I love my life and if having a perfectly clean and orderly house means giving up anything I did today, then forget it! Life is too short! Though that doesn't mean I will stop asking, "How do people do it?"

What I Ate Today:

~Cereal (out of Organic morning lite, so just High Fiber & TJ's O's)
~Handful of TLC Cheese Crackers
~2 High fiber tortillas with TJ's Rachero Egg White Salad and low-fat white cheddar cheese inside. It really tastes good with avocado but we didn't have any and I don't need the extra fat/calories anyway.
~1 serving of Sun Chips (original flavor is my fav!). OK because I love texture I also threw a few chips inside the tortillas too. As a child I would put any type of chip inside my PBJ sandwiches just to get that wonderful crunch, one of my favorites was Nacho Cheese Doritos.
~Soy Mocha
~Whole wheat english muffin, 1/2 serving of lite butter, 1/2 serving of pb (you would be surprised how far a 1/2 serving of pb goes on an eng muffin)
~3 teeny tiny sweet & spicy pecan pieces, not enough to constitute even 1/4 of a serving and I just LOVE how they make my mocha taste after I eat them!
~Tri-tip sliced up on a bed of arugula with a sprinkling of chick peas, leftover corn, queso, sliced up roasted red pepper (from a jar) and a dash of olive oil...had my heart set on a yummy balsamic dressing when I discovered I was out of balsamic vinegar - yikes!
~I might have desert, but am posting this before I make that final decision :)

Exercise: Does assembling Christmas Cards count?


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