16 December 2007

First I should say I was too tired to report out yesterday...you'll just have to trust me when I say I did fine yesterday. As for today, well I started out with my morning coffee and a small bowl of my cereal to tide me over because Dale's Aunt was making us breakfast. I knew as far as calories the day would be a bust, but that is alright because it would be one of those days worth celebrating. We arrived to yummy egg casserole, bannana chocolate chip bread, coffee cake, fruit, Panatone (what Italian feast doesn't have this!), sausage, coffee and juice - yum! Of course she is such a love that it was her company that made the day! From this point forward, the day went to hell. We got home and Dale took Elliot shopping, so I decided I was finally going to get lights on our tree and do a tad bit of decorating. I rummaged through ALL of our Christmas stuff and only one strand of lights could be found - hmm. I wasn't about to hit Target (what a zoo!), so I decided to hop on over to Michaels where they would have lights plus I could pick up the couple of paintings we just had framed.

On my way to M's I decided to treat myself to a SB. I got to M's with my SB in hand (sort of) and started shopping. I needed ink pads and maybe a couple of stamps because I was inspired to do a new theme for my gifts this year (thanks h!). I always wrap presents in some sort of matching fashion usually doing one style for my family, one style for Dale's and a third for friends (the practical use is so gifts don't get forgotten in the Christmas Eve/Day rush around). Anyway, I digress, as I was shopping for stamps to use for my gifts I realized my hair band was loose, so with my arm through the hand-held shopping basket I reattached my hair band. I could hear something while I was doing this but wasn't registering the sound until I looked down and saw my coffee spilling all over my basket and the floor. See, I had set my coffee inside the bask
et for safe keeping - so much for that. I alerted a staff person who got some paper towels, mop, etc. I grabbed my basket (after wiping my stuff down) and headed to the framing section to pick-up the paintings. And of course, they weren't done right, so why I waited for the woman to fix them I grabbed the lights and a few other items, went back for the paintings and headed for the checkout.

When I got home it was already 5:30 (3 hours after Dale & Elliot left me which means pump or feed soon) and Dale was on his way home. I wanted to make my "recipe of the week", so I got started chopping onions, bell peppers, garlic, boiling pasta, sautéing sausage and so on. I was almost done when they walked in the door. We gave Elliot the bottle and as I was sitting with Dale and Elliot I realized that I had left my dinner under the broiler (which was just to melt the cheese) and so I ran in the kitchen to find my dinner ruined!
We microwaved ourselves some frozen TJ's pasta and called it dinner :( Elliot then screamed and cried for the next hour as I tried to get him to go to sleep and once he was asleep I decided to I would put up the lights. I was at the point that if I couldn't at least get the lights on the tree tonight then I was taking the whole damn tree out to the dumpster. One strand at a time, round and round the tree I went and finally we had lights...that didn't work. And as I was wrapping up this post, Elliot began screaming again...and after trying to get him back to sleep I have walked out of the room and uttered these words to my husband, "Let him cry, I'm don!". I am sure if it goes on much longer I'll get back in the game. I think I just need some sleep or a drink or both.


Linda said...

You know, Amy, I can't even imagine having your energy and initiative. I could never fit that many catastrophes into one day. Even if everything had gone right, I couldn't fit that many smooth sailings, either. Whew. What a sad sight - your beautiful dinner, singed, and the sad face following the words "called it dinner."

I hope that Monday has been better, sweet Amy.

Jennie said...

Maybe I don't cook enough but I thought the meal still looked delicious! :-)

It won't make you feel better, but maybe a small laugh? I was holiday shopping and this store was full of beautiful candles. I had to smell everyone that I passed. On the way out - holding many bags, jacket thrown just around my shoulders, sweating in the over-heated shop, I made the mistake of quickly bring a small candle to my face with the intention to take a nice whiff of the aroma, before exiting the store. Apparently the staff had just blow it out. So...I in essence through hot wax all over my face, across my wool sweater and even my jacket. It was dripping down my arms and other shoppers started walking into the store. I looked up in embarrassment (no pain thank goodness) and I could tell it was all over my chin and cheeks too. As I walked out the store I felt everyone was staring. Frankly, it looked like I had some disgusting sex scene all over my chest. Needless to say I didn't go to the dry cleaners afterwards as planned. And the sweater, in the garbage! Hey, at least we can now look back and laugh! Sorry you had a bad day sweetie!!

Jennie said...

I must apologize for the typos and spelling mistakes. I find them annoying, and I just found a bunch of them in my overly long comment. Not a big deal, but it will bug me if I do not acknowledge them....hahaha

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