05 November 2007

It seems like some people have forgotten some of the basics of driving that we learned in Driver's-Ed. In an effort to help you not to irritate me on the road I have decided to offer a refresher course. Don't get me wrong, I make mistakes when I drive too (sometimes intentionally). Sometimes I find myself driving too slow in the fast lane or running the yellow-red lights (though that has stopped now that Elliot is in the car), but I still think we could all benefit from a refresher course (and it will make me feel better).

Chapter One: Turning

  1. Hug the corner when you are turning right (get out of the way so you don't slow down traffic)
  2. DO NOT Hug the corner when you are turning left (do not drive into oncoming traffic)
  3. When turning left and there are multiple left turn lanes STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE!



hannah m said...

I'm laughing out loud right now!

Carrie said...

You know what I love? Turn signals, blinkers, whatever you want to call them. They are great. Marvelous invention. Easy to use, delightfully simple, and wonderfully communicative. I say BOOOO to the haterz who don't signal.

Jennie said...

Bravo Amy, Bravo!!!

Jennie said...

Bravo Amy, Bravo!!!

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