24 February 2009

Well, I'm moving in the right direction again! Given the weekend we had .6lbs lost is about all I could expect. Even during celebratory times where we tell ourselves it's OK to indulge, that we deserve to indulge because life is too short to always be 'on a diet', I find I still lose weight. I think I indulge in smaller quantities with realizing it. Maybe it is because it is no longer forbidden and therefore no longer necessary to over do it. In fact, a few months back someone mentioned something that I cannot get out of my head..."You can have pizza again". I think in the back of my mind even when I am 'indulging' I realize that this will not be my last opportunity in life to indulge, so moderation is safe! As far as the small changes I have made, I have gone back up to my 'tall latte' instead of the 'short', but instead of 2 double-shorts a day (one at noon and the other late afternoon) I am limiting to one triple-tall latte in the mid-afternoon. This change reduces my caffeine intake by 1 whole shot, a 25% reduction in my afternoon caffeine intake - bravo!


karolina said...

i keep checking for updates, amy....!

AmyK said...

Thanks K, glad I have a fan ;) I was really sick earlier this week and didn't make it to my Tuesday weigh-in...but I'll be there this coming Tuesday and will report back ;)

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