10 February 2009

I lost 3.4lbs this week, yay! This weeks big loss is a result of last weeks strange gain, but I'll take it! And though it seems like big drop for one week, it really is just my body adjusting to the last few weeks of small ups and downs. I really needed this loss to keep me motivated so I can get through this next week. This next week will be full of social engagements and I will really have to plan ahead and watch my portions (my arch nemesis!).

I only made it to the gym twice this week, but they were good high-energy work outs. I even managed a delicious visit to an Indian Buffet and although I went up to the buffet twice, I managed to keep the piles to reasonable sizes which given my weakness for Indian food was extremely hard to do! I had a bit of a celebratory food day today which included a fair number if chips with a bit of salsa, but since it was 'weigh-in day' I have a whole week to make up for it!

Here's to another healthy week! Cheers! (sound of glasses clinking)


hannah m said...

You go, girl!

Selina said...

Yay Amy! We were so rushed that day I forgot to ask about your weigh in! Keep it up!

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