15 April 2009

I think Easter has just surpassed Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday (with my ultimate fav now being 4th of July, of course!). I have always loved Thanksgiving because it truly captured what is important in life - food & family (emphasis on the stuffing & pumpkin pie)! Easter was also a close second for the same reason, but now it has taken the lead by a stiff margin (I think that is sports slang). I love not feeling pressure to pick the perfect presents (pressure that is self inflicted). I love a reason to bake something special {this year Aunt Augusta's Sugar Cookies}. I love making baskets full of goodies that put giant smiles on kiddie's faces. I love spending time with family and friends (without the distraction of mounds of wrapping paper). I love spring - the air, the flowers, the green rolling hills. This year we celebrated Easter 4-times! Typically this would stress and tire me out - but not this year - I loved it! We had the best time and that is why I am going to torture you with the following photos:

with friends!

at home!

...with Dale's side of the family!

...with my side of the family!

I hope you found some special way to enjoy this holiday. I must pass along something funny that was said at one of my celebrations full of Catholics I might add - "Thank you Jesus for turning my water into a Margarita!"


hannah m said...

I love your perspective on Easter, Amy! You know I am a big fan of Spring, but I hadn't really transferred that love to Easter day. I love your photos - such happy and colorful moments you've captured!

And by the way, Aunt Augusta and my Grandma Vivian would be thrilled with your stunning cookies. They are so pretty they make my nose tingle!

Ducky said...

I have never thought of Easter that way, and I love it. A new joy for me, starting with the next one.

Your pictures are fantastic, Amy. I like the composition in the collages, too. You guys are a truly lovely family. I like seeing you and thinking about those things that I've seen over the years, growing so beautifully with the passing time.

And, those cookies are *beautiful*!

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