22 January 2010

There are two sure fire ways to Anglo-Americanize any ethnic food...a casserole or a salad! Seriously. I really can't think of any food more American then a casserole. Sure hamburger, hot dogs, apple pie, but that's what we want people to think. The truth is Americans love their casseroles and what better way to sample the fare of our neighbors then by way of a safe and comforting casserole. And in recent years salads have followed suit. Taco Casserole and Chinese Chicken Salad, enough said.


karolina said...

that and cheddar. i've seen martha stewart make pierogi with cheddar (good, but definitely americanized!)

nice to see you posting, amy. :)

Selina said...

Yay, you are back! I'll definitely have to take to you my favorite restaurant which serves just this.. HK style American Chinese Food. And to suit, the restaurant's name is ABC..(but not the dim sum one in Foster City, this is the new one in downtown San Mateo)

Ducky said...

You're back!! And, correct as usual.

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