08 February 2008

15 years ago I graduated from High School, packed my bags and move to the big city - Fremont! (I moved from Tracy). 6 months later (still in Fremont) I met a boy...who quickly became (and still is) the love of my life. (Photo on the left is courtesy of Jennie Oh, Circa 1997 UC Berkeley)

January 29th, 1995 we celebrated our 1st dating anniversary - we went roller skating. This year on our 14th anniversary we decided to commemorate the occasion by once again going roller skating - and to our surprise the roller rink is still in business. On our drive to the roller rink I suggested that we stop and get ourselves a Starbucks after we skate and Dale suggested Pete's instead. In an effort to get my way I quickly said, "Pete's wasn't around 14 years ago, so we are getting Starbucks", at which point my husband reminded me that neither was Starbucks (by not around, we mean not in Fremont).

This little bit of history made us start recollecting all the other things that were to come... In 1994 ...

*There was no Starbucks in Fremont, now there are 10 (including Newark where there are 2) ; our regular cafe, of course, is no longer in business

*Neither of us owned a computer (and only used them sparingly), now we have 3 (not including Dale's iPhone)

*All the picures we took used film

*I have had 7 addresses since then - 2 in Fremont, back to Tracy, 2 in San Francisco, 1 in San Mateo and now once again we reside in Fremont

*There was no Yahoo!, and now Dale is one of their 14K employees (ignoring the news for now)

*We bought and sold CD's, now we have 4 iPods (not kidding)

*We weren't really in college yet, now we are 1-2 years from our 10 year reunion

*We weren't going to get married nor have kids

*I drove a dark brown 1974 diesel Mercedes and Dale didn't own a car (shortly after mine blew up & Dale bought a 1985 Dodge Colt Hatchback)

*I had been smoking for less than a year, now it has been 2 1/2 years since I quit (Dale has been clean for a year)

I decided we should make a tradition out of it and go roller skating in another 14 years, at which point we got a little weirded out thinking of ourselves approaching 50 and Elliot turning 15 - Yikes (I am less wierd about 50, and more about Elliot being 15)!

Note: We intended on having a longer list, but it has already taken me a week to get this post out, so I am just calling it done and calling it a night.


hannah m said...

First of all, happy anniversary to two of my favorite love birds. Second of all, I love that you went roller skating for your anniversary. And lastly, oh my goodness, that list makes me feel sooo old. My, my, how things have changed in what feels like a blink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. I really enjoyed it. So, did you 2 go to Peets or SB's?

AmyK said...

Starbucks was the winner! After all these years, he still lets me have my way.

Linda said...

Wow, what a fun post! I enjoyed every bit of it. I'm happy to see the old picture - you two have looked adorable together from the start. You still do.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your post got me to thinking about Ed and I. We met in 92 went out on a date in 93 and have been together ever since. There have been a couple of hicups along the way, but for the most part it's been fun. I'm glad it's been fun for you as well. To another 14years and beyond.

Anonymous said...

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Shaie said...

What a great post! Thanks for the blast from the past, Amy. Congratulations on your anniversary. You look WONDERFUL. Dale's not so bad either. =) /hugs/

Jennie said...

Congrats Amy and Dale - you two just get better and better. I love you guys! I eagerly awaited this posting, and it was so much to read! One day Elliot will enjoy reading it too.

PS. I'm glad you won on Starbucks!

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