12 August 2008

  • Yesterday, rusty and out of practice, I returned to piano lessons. It was not exactly "just like riding a bike" but it was not ground zero either. The highlight was when I played "When The Saints Go Marching In" using both hands!
  • Today I introduced Elliot to Ben Folds and we sang all the way to work and back (Ben's my favorite piano man).
  • Today I thought about how I used to play along on the piano with my Mom. She would play silly songs for me to sing and often find ways that I could play along, like playing the melody to "Heart & Soul" while she played the harmony or chords with two-hands!
  • Tomorrow I will practice the piano.


Carrie said...

Piano lessons! That is so cool!!!

hannah m said...

Maybe you and Viv can have a dueling pianos party - she can represent the "abstract-bang-on-the-piano" type music; you can represent "melodic-sing-along" genre. Glad you've picked it up again!

David R said...

Great! We need you to help fill out our sound.

AmyK said...

Let me get past "The Saints Go Marching In" and then we'll talk ;)

Ducky said...

Yay! This is wonderful, Amy.

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