11 May 2009

Years ago when we were living in San Mateo I threw a surprise party for my husband's birthday (then boyfriend). I had been pretty last minute about the food and had planned to make a taco-spread - tortillas, guac, sour cream, beans, and chicken...luckily some friends were there to help me out! One friend quickly realized that I had no idea what to do with the chicken so she jumped in started throwing stuff in a pot and at the end was this delicious shredded chicken in a tomato sauce. I have never forgotten this chicken, it was amazing! It was reminiscent of this chicken they used to have at our college taqueria. I was never really able to replicate it, so I stopped trying and it has just lived in my fond-food memory bank ever since.

Recently when I was getting my hair cut (when I do all of my magazine reading) I stumbled upon this recipe in Cooking Light, Chicken Thighs with Olives and Tomato Sauce. Now this particular recipe does not dish up a fiesta, it's more of a Mediterranean dish, but it is saucy-shredded-goodness nonetheless. I used 1 1/2 lbs of chicken thighs and 1 1/2 lbs of breasts to reduce the fat (& 4 lbs seemed a bit much). I used some chicken broth instead of wine as I didn't have any white on hand. And go easy on the red pepper flakes if you have a little one around. We served it over rice and I even threw some in a high-fiber tortilla along with some spinach for a tasty lunch. This will be in our family recipe book for years to come, in fact we made it again yesterday!


hannah m said...

Oh, my gosh. I will never, ever forget that surprise birthday chicken! It was sooooo good. I tried to replicate it several times (all those years ago) but it never tasted as good as your friend's.

I will definitely try this recipe! You are on a recipe roll lately and I'll gladly try anything you've given a stamp of approval to...keep 'em coming!

Ducky said...

Dude, that chicken was soooooo good! I have fond memories of it, too, and of the SFSU burritos with you, Dale and my sweet new girlfriend.

Shaie said...

OMG, I so remember that chicken! It was sooooo good. I, too, have tried to replicate it. I make a pretty mean chicken in green sauce, but that red sauce chicken was amazing!

Shaie said...

P.S. I have very fond memories of that whole evening. Didn't we go next door to the bowling alley and Karaoke?

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