09 May 2009

For years I would watch people at my office go for walks on their breaks and it always sort of bothered me. Who are these people that have time to take a break and then show-off by taking a leisurely walk around the office complex. I hardly have time to go pee! So my first realization is that I am just jealous and resentful a) that they have a job that is so 'easy' they have time to take a break OR b) they have mastered work-life balance ... either way, I don't like these people! Until, that is, I realized I needed to become one of them.

As I was out roller blading in the glorious sunshine this morning I was thinking a lot about how else to burn some calories and take in extra oxygen each week. 1-2 days is not satisfactory to me. Since I am the drop-off and pick-up for Elliot each day, I cannot take an extended 'lunch' to go to the gym, etc. and still get in my 8-9 hours a day. I am not a morning person, so waking up early is not working out for me. I love to have dinner with my husband in the evenings, which leaves the 9 o'clock hour and that is not working for me either as I would rather be showering and getting ready for bed!

And so, during my skating session, I realized I should become one of 'those people'. I'll bring my 'gym shoes' to work and each day if I can escape for 15 minutes, I will. A friend at work already started trying to do this, so I will follow suit. And although it won't challenge my body much, it will still provide me that extra oxygen and stress relief that I also so badly need.


Ducky said...

Well, I think that's great! It will do wonders for you, whenever you can find the time. It may even make you more productive when you return and level out your work output in the end. And it will be a great stress buster. Maybe increase your toning, etcetera, more than you think. Have fun, Sweetie.

Anonymous said...

You would be surprised what 15 minutes a day will do for you. I started walking at work for 1 reason, anxiety. walking helped me clear my head and breath. Good luck Amy!

hannah m said...

So did you go for a walk at work yesterday? I am ALL FOR oxygen and work-life balance. I used to occasionally squeeze in a quick walk around the block during lunch recess when I was teaching. That quick walk off campus with a friend made me feel human again! Do it for you!

AmyK said...

Thanks Everyone! I forgot my shoes on Monday and since I was wearing 'woman shoes' I was not able to 'make do'. But I remembered my shoes today and made it out for a full 15-minute walk in the glorious sunshine!

Jennie said...

Oh God, don't become one of THOSE people. :-) Love you Amy! Good for you.

Shaie said...

Haha! I'm also trying to be one of "those" people! I usually manage to make it out about three times a week, but I would love to actually take my two fifteen minute breaks and walk every day. A friend of mine pointed this out to me once (maybe it will help you) - Your employer figures in your breaks when working out a salary. If you are allowed two 15 minute breaks a day and you don't take them, you are giving your employer:

2.5 hours per week
10 hours per month
120 hours per year
That's three weeks you're giving your employer per week, for free!

Happy walking!

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