27 March 2008

I don't eat fast food! This has been my silent mantra for at least the last 7 years. Sure, I occasionally partake in a nibble when we are on the road (i.e. to Fresno, Tahoe or other trip where fine dining establishments are not part of the scenic route). But as a rule, it doesn't make our way into our regular daily diet. In my former life as a student of Sociology, I was a BIG fan of the concept of Ideal vs. Real. The concept was not a complicated one, but still it had the "a-ha" effect on me as it gave me words for something I saw around me (typical of what a lot of Soc concepts do). I would pride myself (secretly, of course) on being able to identify people who were blind to their reality because I did not suffer from this same blindness...I could see clearly, I was special somehow!

One day I was driving home from a party with a friend and her son wanted to go to McDonald's, so we went through the drive through and I ordered a shake and my friend was bewildered to find out that I hadn't been to McDonald's in well over 5 years. How is that possible, she exclaimed?!

I know, I though later, how is it possible?

I think it all starts with a love of food and a sprinkle of calorie watching. And then of course there are political reasons for this as well. But how have I really managed to avoid it all these years? After all, we live in a fast-paced society with a lot of demands on us and sometimes you need it - fast! I was pondering all of this just the other day as I was sipping my coffee and dreaming about dinner (that Dale was going bring home for us).

And then it hit me (like a ton of bricks)


I had this icky feeling in my stomach (similar to one experienced by Cher in Clueless after she flunked her driving test)

Everyday I drink my Double-Tall 1/2 Caff 2-pump Soy Mocha (now with an addition of 1 pump of honey - sooooo good)
And about once a week I eat my steak quesadilla (light on the queso & with a side of sour cream & corn salsa)

Starbucks and Chipotle - yikes!

How did this happen!?

In order to continue living in my ideal world I have decided to differentiate between good (or acceptable) and bad (or unacceptable) fast food choices.

Thank you for indulging me!

Good Fast Food:

Chipotle (no longer owned by McD)
Starbucks (let's face it, it is consistent and the friendly people are making my drink before I even get to the front of the line - genius training program!)
Anything else I might happen to eat

Bad Fast Food:

Burger King
Anything else I don't or won't eat


Sharon said...

My rule is: If it doesn't have a drive-thru, it's not fast food! Except that now Starbucks' do have drive-thru's, but does coffee really count as fast food? Not in my world! Yeesh.. remember when we took that trip to Disneyland and I refused to go to Starbuck's? Now I even occasionally go to the movies with my favorite Bux Barista. LOL!

AmyK said...
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AmyK said...

Very Good Point! I will compile criteria and that will be #1 - Establishments serving primarily beverages do not count as Fast Food! Thanks Sharon!

hannah m said...

I am not a fast food eater myself, being that I was raised to abhor fast food restaurants (and thus can distinctly remember fast food ventures in my childhood as almost holy moments--it was a very special "treat"!).

But damn, sometimes a cheeseburger from McD's really hits the spot (it's the sweet/salty/savory combo that does me in). And I will admit to eating one with a small strawberry shake while at the mall last month. There. I said it! :-)

AmyK said...

Next time try dipping some fries in Sweet&Sour (assuming they still make it) as it is the ultimate sweet/salty combo (along with the cheeseburger, of course)! That was a high school favorite of mine! Next to the pizza pocket.

Linda said...

I love this. It's all about what works - in your world and in your head. If you employ some flexibility of thought (and you do) then there can be found a place where the two meet and bring the desired results. Yes? Yes.

Carrie said...

At first I thought you said you were a student of Scientology!

I grew up in a town with no fast food restaurants. No comment on how often I eat it now ;)

AmyK said...

Too funny! My hometown is known as the place to stop for a "fast" bite on your way to ... Tahoe, Yosemite, etc.

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