22 March 2008

As we enter into Spring, I thought I would leverage this opportunity (again, too much time at work) and stand on my soap box for a moment...

For years I have heard from non-native Calfornian's that we (Californian's, that is) don't know the true meaning of seasons. The East Coast is al
ways heralded as the only place in the world (and by world I mean The US which as we know is the world, right?) that has true seasons. This is just bologna if you ask me (which I know you didn't, but this is My Soap Box). If you buy into the notion that seasons are only defined by "fall colors", blankets of snow, spring flowers and so on, then how do you explain this?!

Not the best fall photo, but taken while driving
home (yes, in Fremont) this past fall with Elliot.
Fall colors, right?

This photo was inspired by my friend Hannah.
This was also taken in Fremont, right outside our front door.
Those are spring flowers, right?

Now that I have done my whole "so there" part of this post, I want to address this concept that seasons are defined by "fall colors",spring flowers,etc. I of course went to Wikipedia to help me out...

"In temperate and polar regions generally four seasons are recognized: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

In some tropical and subtropical regions it is more common to speak of the rainy (or wet, or monsoon) season versus the dry season, because the amount of precipitation may vary more dramatically than the average temperature. In other tropical areas a three-way division into hot, rainy and cool season is used. In some parts of the world, special "seasons" are loosely defined based upon important events such as a hurricane season, tornado season or a wildfire season."

Happy Spring Everyone!


hannah m said...

Happy Spring, Amy!

I LOVE that spring tree in your photo--do you know what kind it is? They are few and far between in my neck of the woods, but oh, how I love the dark pink, light pink and fresh green combination! Hooray for California's seasons!

karolina said...

If I don't get seasonal affective disorder, are they really seasons? ;-P

Happy Spring! I'm loving it.

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