06 March 2008

Until recently I bought in to the notion (albeit on an unconscious level) that when Mom's get taken down they still have to care for everyone (including themselves). I am now annoyed on behalf of my husband for this line of thinking. I was taken down recently by a Sinus Infection (something I had avoided my whole life) and it was so miserable! I had a fever, couldn't breath out of my nose, used almost a whole box of tissue in one day, and for the first time in as far as I can remember I lost my appetite (seriously, I never lose my appetite when I am sick). My dear husband did everything short of bathing me and nary a complaint from his lips. He took on all the care for our sweet Elliot - dressed, his meds (ear infection), diapers changed...took over all the household duties - grocery shopping, laundry, food for me (I could still eat, just not quite so much). Now, this makes it sounds like he only did all these things because I was sick, and I don't mean it that way. These are things we do together every week, but like any good team player (I am spending too much time at work as you can see by my use of phrases like "team player") he kicked it into overdrive to compensate for my inability to "play ball". Thanks hubby!


Anonymous said...

A nice post hon' ... I love you. Also, in the event you are sick and unable to take care of yourself, I'll gladly bathe you. ;)

Love ME

AmyK said...

I'm blushing :)

karolina said...

There has been a cold medicine ad running on TV lately where a mom is sick and can't care for her kids -- to make you feel bad about being sick and that, of course, you must buy their pills so you can be a good mom again. UGH! So evil!

hannah m said...

You guys are (& always have been) a great team. Elliot is so blessed to have you 2 as mom + dad.

I am SO glad you are healthy again Amy! That sinus infection sounds dreadful! No more sickies, ok? That goes for Dale + Elliot, too. Healthy times ahead!

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