19 July 2008

This morning after breakfast and coffee with my favorite guys I put on my workout clothes, strapped on my roller blades and went skating. I often find it hard to make time for exercise on the weekends because it takes time away from something that "needs" to get done. But it was a beautiful morning, so I went for it! Earlier in the week (no laughing!) I read an article in Real Simple (I said, don't laugh!) about making time for doing things that make you happy (duh!). I admit it, I am one of those people that gets so wrapped and overwhelmed with all the things that "need" to get done and often (like the article said) it becomes debilitating because I get "depressed" about not having time for me or things that make me happy. The little nag on my shoulder tells me ...

"Me time is selfish"
"Only lazy people put there feet up when there are dishes to be done"

Hell, the fact that I made time to read a stupid article in Real Simple was a huge step for me. I actually left the office to grab some lunch, brought it back and instead of eating while responding to e-mail I turned away from my computer, ate my lunch and read this article...normally even if I would make time for a magazine it would be to quickly flip to the page with the yummy recipe or quick orginizational tip, toss it aside and eventually recycle.

When I got back from skating we put Elliot down for a nap, I had a bite to eat and then sent Dale on his way to go have his exercise time. Normally I would take this time to do all the dishes, pickup the clutter,
put away the toys, and throw a load of laundry in the washer. Today I am taking time for me! I made myself a delicious Iced Soy Mocha, chatted with a good friend, got back into bed where I am watching an episode of Frasier and writing this post. After I am done I think I will go futz in the yard because I stumbled upon these beautiful pots the other day and am just dying to put something wonderful in them! So even though we have a babysitter coming over tonight, I am not going to do the dishes, pick-up the clutter, and I am just going to continue to enjoy "Me Time". There is a slight possibility that I will race around 30 minutes before she arrives trying to make the place presentable, but change doesn't happen over night...baby-steps!

This makes me really happy!

This was Elliot the morning of his 1st Birthday...I watch this over and over!


hannah m said...

I love that video of Sweet Elliot. LOVE IT!

And, I cannot wait to try your delish iced mocha! YUM!

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