17 July 2008

I didn't know what to write or what to say after we lost Dale's Mom, I still don't. Then on my sweet Elliot's Birthday I began writing his Birth Story, and for days after I would add a bit here and there. And as another "milestone" hit us, I decided I needed to talk about that "in the now" so I will get back to his Birth Story some other day. Elliot had pneumonia back in April (not life threatening, and I realize not "in the now" but necessary background) and since then has had to take a pulmicort treatment twice-a-day via a nebulizer machine. Also at that time he decided he didn't want "Mommies Milk" anymore, so we started formula. Though I often joke about him "not wanting me anymore", I really was ok with the transition because I knew I would be a happier mommy not stressed about pumping and getting enough "food" for my little guy.

On July 7th we went to the doctor for Elliot's 1 year exam - a Well Check is what they call them. At this appointment the pediatrician asked if we were ready to move him to whole milk...and before she could finish I said, "Of course, we were hoping you were ready". Heck, I already had a gallon of whole milk waiting in the fridge at home!

Starting that same evening we began blending the milk and formula in his bottles (and sippy cup) starting with a 70/30 split of formula/milk and by day 3 we were on a 50/50 and as our last can of formula was empty yesterday I made his first bottle of plain old milk. From Mommies Milk to rice cereal...to mushed up fruits and veggies...to bites size pieces of real food...his last connection to baby food was his special baby milk. And as I was giving him his evening treatment and getting ready to make his bedtime bottle I realized I would also need a new "routine".

This is the part of the post where I tie it all together - HA! You see, Elliot insists that we sing and do silly dances while he takes his medicine and if we don't he will pull his mask off. Each night in an attempt to multi-task, I would make his bedtime bottle while he was having his medicine (and if you have made formula you know the importance of shaking the water and mix together quite vigorously). To appease him I would sing and shake (you know the tune, sing along)...

Shake, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake
Shake your milk up
Shake your milk up

I know I could "shake the plain ol' Milk up" too, but it's not the same! Too many changes all at once, my little boy is growing up, and I will have to get some new material!


Ducky said...

I'm sooooo happy you're back. Very sweet post, too. He insists on silly dances and songs or he pulls his mask off? Sounds like he's been under a pug's tutelage. Has Thomas been babysitting?

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