25 July 2008

Elliot is really into the telephone, always has been. As soon as he could lift our cordless phone he started putting it into his mouth. When I am on the phone in his presence I try to hold it next to his ear and get him to realize someone is talking, though he usually just grabs it and sticks it in his mouth. Today after I got off the phone with Daddy I handed him the phone and said, "Talk into the phone", "Whose there", "Somebody wants to talk to Elliot" and so on. And of course, he did not talk back. Then I had a brilliant idea and I began dialing POPCORN...You know 767-2676 (though I learned many years ago 767-5555 works too)! So I dialed POPCORN and I got the following message,

"Effective September 19th 2007 the Time Announcement Information Service has been discontinued."

What?! How can this be?

I realize that our cell phones have sort of replaced the need to call the "Time Announcement Information Service", but I feel like my dog just died. Obviously it has been a few months since I have called (at least 10 if I did the math correctly), but I have used it in the last couple of years - I swear! What is this world coming to?
What will I tell my son? What a way to start the weekend, one more reason I need that massage tomorrow morning (yay!). Happy Weekend!


hannah m said...

Oh, I am sad! Oh, POP-CORN, I will miss you so.

A, how was you massage?!?

Ducky said...

Whoa. I'd forgotten about POP-CORN because I haven't seen a similar service anywhere else I've lived since leaving CA. Still, I hate to think of it being gone. When I first got to Nashville, I was incredulous at seeing the confused looks on people's faces when I asked what number they used to check the time. No such thing. That only makes in cooler that it has been in California *all* this time. Sad to see it go. It reminds me of how sad it is to see lots of things go with the advent of mobile gadgets/tech.

Sharon said...

No more POP-CORN??? How can this be? What IS this world coming to?

Auntie Sarah said...

That is so funny- lately I had remembered how my evil boss at one of many minimum wage slave jobs in college would call POPCORN to see how late I was... so she could be exact. "You are 3 minutes late." And this was all for a dumpy deli sandwich chain! I guess I can't call it to see if my cell phone has the correct time... thanks for clearing that up! (Hannah's sister/Vivi's Auntie) Sarah:)
PS It was great to see you and meet such a Grown up Elliot at Vivi's 1st Bday :)

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