21 April 2008

There were many years I spent eating Fat Free everything, and I mean everything. I would eat it every morsel and multiple portions, but tell myself it didn't matter because it was Fat Free. Later I learned (along with the rest of the world) that low-fat was just as "healthy" and low in calories as fat-free...and it tasted better too. That little bit of fat makes a huge difference in taste. From then I vowed to never eat Fat Free again (unless of course it naturally comes that way).

On April 3rd Elliot went to the doctor for his 9-month Well Exam and the doctor gave us the green-light for giving him dairy (cheese and yogurt). Well with little babes they like them to eat Whole Fat dairy products, so off to the store I went to research and purchase Whole Fat Milk products. We started with the inevitable Yo-Baby yogurt which I was against at first because I always tend to resist products designed for specific "markets" like this, but at the end of the day it is so much easier than buying a big container, portioning it out, etc., etc. Once I settled on the yogurt I moved to the cottage cheese section and picked up some small-curd 4% milk-fat cottage cheese (I wasn't sure 4% mean whole-milk, but I new that 2% was considered to be a "healthy" milk option - remember I am a soy girl so some of this was new to me).

When I got home I sampled the fare that I was about to give my child I was ... well, I cannot explain what I was, but it was the tastiest stuff I have had in a looong time! The yogurt was good, but I think I can go back to the low-fat stuff. But the cottage cheese was AMAZING! That little bit of extra fat was so delightful and creamy. Though I was a tad disappointed when Elliot didn't like the cottage cheese, it didn't take me long to finish it myself.

Treat yourself to some fat today, you won't regret it!

P.S. Thanks for your healthy well-wishes. Our little bear has clear lungs and is gaining some weight back.


hannah m said...

Amen, sister! I love me some creamy cottage cheese with Huichol Hot Sauce and crackers to dip in!

So glad you're all on the mend, dear K-F family!

AmyK said...

LOL, I was actually going to write about the Huichol sauce but left it off. I skiped the crackers this time and just ate it spicy with a spoon ;)

Carrie said...

Micah taught me to eat cottage cheese and potato chips together. So, so wrong, but so, so right.

AmyK said...

Mmm! That sounds lovely! You can bet that will be on my menu sometime soon!

karolina said...

love this. made me realize that for the longest time (until i was in high school, i guess) my family bought only whole milk. delicious... coming from eastern europe, we didn't understand why people would want to buy milk with fat removed. all the nourishment is in the fat!

must put mascarpone on the grocery list for this week... :)

Sharon said...

I was just thinking I would like some full fat sour cream on my baked potato tonight! And real butter. Mmmm!

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