14 January 2009

OK, I am not exactly sure what happened here, but I gained a pound. I felt thinner, my pants felt better, I felt better and then +1 on the scale, yikes! I am not going to let it get me down, likely my body just went into shock and was just not quite ready to let it go yet and out of fear it held on to some of those calories. Except for the weight gain, it was a pretty good week overall. I made it to the gym two-times over the 3-day weekend! I brought my lunch a couple of days last week and even switched to short-lattes or chai's instead of tall ones. I am proud of the little changes I made this week and am sure I will be rewarded next week! {I am really trying hard with the positive self-talk} So what if there are now 21lbs and 19 weeks, I can still do it! Here's to a healthy week ahead!

Also, I was going to add a picture of a "scale" when I Yahoo'd "scale" to nab one from the internet and I discovered all of these pictures of steps, old ones that looked Italian (even before I noticed the Italian wording underneath the picture - ha!). I found an online translator and scale in Italian means a short flight of steps or a small stepladder. How appropriate! Sometimes journeys like this can seem arduous, but in all of my journeys of life so far (and those to come), this one really is a short flight of steps. Ciao!

P.S. Yay for President Obama!


karolina said...

don't worry -- if you're working out, you're definitely gaining muscle mass, hence the +1. and, more muscle means you will can more calories... (dave is seeing similar things since he started running.)

so: go, amy, go! rock it. :-D

Carrie said...

Have you been lifting weights? I always gain weight immediately after I get back on the wagon with weightlifting. I think the muscles retain water or something. No worries dude!

hannah m said...

You go, girlfriend!

You are my favorite positive talker and I love the scale story.

PS I had forgotten all about "shorts" at Starbucks...! Brilliant girl.

karolina said...

dude, i am totally losing it: "you will can more calories" -- of course, i meant "you will burn more calories". sigh.

Ducky said...

Came to say that you were gaining muscle, and found that all these fine people had beaten me to it. That's all there is to it, sweetie. You're right on track.

jacker said...

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