27 January 2009

I lost 2.2 lbs this week!

I have to be honest, however, sticking with my 20lbs in 20 weeks goal it is a
total loss of 1.2 since I gained 1 lb last week. But that in no way takes away from my great accomplishment (that was meant more for me then you). I put careful thought into everything I put into my mouth this week and made sure to write it down afterward because I cannot trust my memory! I even attended happy-hour with co-workers and had only one Margarita (huge accomplishment), some chips (not the whole basket, another huge accomplishment), and just a couple of the appetizers! And although I only made it to the gym once this week, I did have a breakthrough. I managed to increase my pace and hit a 13-minute mile (which I realize is still a fast walk) and not increase my heart rate.

I treated myself to a Tall (not short) Black-Eyed Chai as a sweet reward for my diligence this week.


Shaie said...

Go Amy! Go Amy! You can do it! I'm going to have to try me one of these black eyed chais that you're so crazy about. How is it different from a regular chai?

AmyK said...

A dear friend introduced me to this delight that they discovered at an independent cafe in Maine. It's a Chai Latte with an add shot of espresso. SBx calls it a Dirty Chai and I heard of a indpendent cafe in the south bay that calls it a Chai Charger.

hannah m said...

Way to go, Amy! You're awesome, friend!

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