03 January 2008

I cannot believe so much time has passed! Our first Christmas with Elliot was wonderful, though I think for him it was just fun times with family and friends. Dale was off the whole time between Christmas and New Years so it felt very much like vacation. Generally when we have breaks like this I often feel regretful at the end because we didn't "do" anything. Dale has to listen to me saying, "I wish we'd hung out with so & so" or "we should have organized that room" or "we should have gone somewhere"...but this year I really felt fulfilled. We had lots of friend and family time, lots of snuggles with Elliot, I got some Mom time while the boys went gallivanting around town and I even outfitted my office with some IKEA goodies to make my return to the work world a little brighter! Baking took a turn for the worst, but hey there is always next year. I managed not to gain any weight Christmas week, tomorrow we'll see if we are finally on a downward trend again. Yesterday was my first day back at work, and it was good. It felt good to get dressed in work clothes and I actually enjoyed driving the familiar and forgotten path between Fremont and Belmont. Dropping off Elliot was much easier than I expected, I didn't cry. But I did hug him hard when I picked him up. Today was my second day and though it was good for me, my sweet boy had a hard time. I guess today maybe he realized going to this new place was not a one-off, and thus he decided to cry and not eat. But I hear it can take a week (plus or minus) for babies to transition, so I am optimistic. Though I am enjoying my return, I am exhausted...last night I was asleep at 9 (though I was awake again at 10:30 for feeding time). There were some many pictures I could have added to this post, but I am going to shower and crash now, good nite.

What I Ate Today:

*Soy Mocha
*Spicy Tuna Roll, BBQ EEL and Avocado Roll with spicy sauce
*HF Tortilla, LF cheese and Morningstar sausage patties
*Steak sandwich with leftover steak, LF swiss, BBQ sauce, greens and a side of baked Kettle Chips


Carrie said...

Happy new year! I am so glad to hear that your transition back to work has been OK.

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