22 January 2008

Just when thought Elliot was 98% over a bad cold, he goes and develops Hand, Foot & Mouth! Poor little bear! Thankfully he has not developed blisters in his mouth (OMG - can you imagine!) and he is in great spirits (if it weren't for the spots on his itty bitty hands and feet you wouldn't even know he was sick). It just kind of sucks to get sent home on your first day at your new daycare (a spot openened up at the original place we were hoping for...more on that decision another time). We new as working parents that we would have to take "sick days" to care for our little one, but as my dear hubby said, "I just didn't think it would happen so soon". We didn't even have a real "disaster plan" set up yet...but thankfully Grandma can take tomorrow, Dad will take Thursday and I'll take Friday...hopefully Elliot will be ready to start his new daycare next week.


hannah m said...

Oh, my goodness gracious! Poor love bug! Sweet Elliot, we hope you feel better and are 100% healthy very soon! A & D, you stay healthy, too! Love & hugs.

karolina said...

wow, poor kid! "hand, foot & mouth" brings to mind images of prince charles and livestock herds. ;) i hope he's better soon. i'm sure he'll have developed antibodies for just about everything after a few months of daycare. hang in there!

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