09 January 2008

Last night, seconds after Elliot had made what I hoped was his final cry to sleep (so sad, huh?) Thomas began barking and I began my whispering yell reminding him that the baby was sleeping. Often Thomas gives little barks and nothing comes of them, but last night his barking led to our doorbell ringing. I turned on the porch light, peered through the peep hole and decided it was safe to open the door. A woman asked if I was Amy and when I said yes she announced she had a delivery for me. I looked beyond her at her car and wondered what it could be and just as I was about to inquire she began rolling the most beautiful bicycle into our home, "It's from Dale" she said. As I admired in awe this beautiful specimen, she asked me if this was for my birthday, Christmas, or just because and I smiled at her and said, "Just because".

Isn't she a beaut?!

Can Dale be any sweeter?!

BE (Before Elliot) I would exercise regularly - at least 3 times a week (ther
e were times way back when it would be 5-6). And although it started out as a way to eat more food, it soon became exactly what I needed to stay sane. AE (After Elliot) I ran out of time (and energy) to exercise. I tried taking walks, but it never stuck. Though I'd rather be outdoors, the gym was technically an option except hitting the gym at 8pm was no longer something I had the energy for and my DH (Dear Husband) doesn't get home before 7:30 and don't even suggest the early morning or I will give you a very dirty look. I tried to go back to Yoga (I was addicted during my pregnancy, but 10:30am is an odd time on Saturday (I loathe activities that suck up 1/2 a day by the time you are done, home & showered).

On Septemb
er 30th, 2007 (technically BE, but just barely before he started baking) I "competed" in a Triathlon Sprint and I learned two things: I can do it & I love riding a bike (didn't really bond with the swimming or running as much though I love running a whole lot more then I ever thought I could). On weekends when we weren't training as a team I would find myself doing more biking than anything else. I loved that I could just hop out of bed onto my bike and go somewhere (when I would run I would hardly make it out of my neighborhood before it was time to turn back. I would admire road bikes of my teammates (I put road tires on my mountain bike), but decided to test my long-term commitment before shelling out the big bucks for one of my own. I came close to buying one shortly after the race and then we found out I was pregnant and my mind got busy with new ideas of how to spend our hard-working dollars. My DH really wants me to get my sanity back (and stop being mean to him) and knows (as I do) that if I can just hop on my special new bike on the weekend mornings, everyone will be much happier (everyone could have been happier if I hopped on my old bike except it was recently stolen, so no longer an option).

What I Ate Today:


Soy Mocha (the long awaited picture of the 2go mug I bought at a SB in Hawaii)
Chicken salad, HF tortillas and lf white cheddar (assembled and eaten while pumping in my office at work)
Dbl Tall 1/2 Caff...
Chickenless Chicken Nuggets, HF tortillas with lf white cheddar, BBQ sauce
A few nibbles of some leftover Thai


hannah m said...

I LOVE your bike. She is definitely a beaut! I can imagine you riding it with a big ol' smile on your face! Happy riding!

karolina said...

wow! have fun! :-D

Sharon said...

Hi Amy! /wave!/ That new bike looks awesome!

Can you tell me what a HF tortilla is?

AmyK said...

HF = High Fiber, I eat the Sonoma ones from Trader Joe's

Jennie said...

Ahhhh, that's very, very sweet!

karolina said...

hey, what happened to the soap box post?

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