18 October 2007

One of our weekly adventures is Music Class. Elliot and I go every Thursday morning and we sing silly songs, play instruments and we dance like camels. We all know that music in and of itself is good for children (brain development, etc., etc.). I realized that it is also great for our babies to see us Moms and Dads being silly and having fun too! I am often stuck in this way of thinking about what is good for Elliot and forget sometimes that what is good for Mommy is also good for Elliot. So we danced around like camels and I experienced extra joy in this special time with him (only 2 1/2 months until I go back to work) and as I danced around him he reflected that joy back at me with a huge gummy grin!

Here is a picture from class...Elliot would be the one without the Mommy or Daddy :) We'll try for an action shot next time (dancing like camels, playing instruments).


Selly said...

You are so cute! I wish I could watch you dance around.. glad to see that you are being active and enjoying your time with Elliot. We miss you so much at work..

Linda said...

This whole thing is almost too cute for me to bear. I don't know what's more wonderful - the idea of you dancing like a camel for your boy, or the thought of him rewarding you with a great big smile. What a great pair of images and what a pair you and Elliot must make.

hannah m said...

So fun!

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