15 October 2007

I have always found comfort in food. When I am feeling blue I might make myself fried eggs (over-easy) on toast or an English muffin with peanut butter. When I am feeling restless or bored I will make frequent trips to the kitchen browsing the pantry for a cracker or two, some cookies, or some more crackers. Restlessness sometimes even inspires the baker in me and most often it is chocolate chip cookies that I am inspired to make (from scratch, never from a mix!). It is not only when I am down that I take comfort in food, what better way to spend catching up with a good friend then over coffee and a treat. Or what better way for Dale and I celebrate our relationship than over a decadent dinner. You get the idea.

Over the years I have learned to choose healthier foods but I have never stopped finding comfort in them. I spend a lot of time in particular searching for new snack foods (low fat, high fiber) that are not only a bit healthier but taste good too (TJ's has the best selection of these). Dale and I often enjoy finding and tasting new snacks together and when we find a really good on
e we enjoy sharing it with our friends (they share a lot with us too!). As you know from my previous post I recently pulled out old family photo albums from storage. As I flipped through the photos piecing together memories I came across a photo that says so much about who I am today and the comfort I find in food. I thought we would all get a kick out of this one! Enjoy!

Here's some of my favorite snacks:

Fiberfuls (TJ's)
Kashi TLC Cheese Crackers (quite tasty dipped in peanut butter)
TJ's Everything Crackers (quite tasty dipped in TJ's spicy hummus)
Clif Mojo Bars (peanut butter pretzel flavor)
Soy Crisps (BBQ)
Vita Tops (Choc and Blueberry are best - especially with peanut butter, though there is a new corn flavor that I haven't tried yet)
I almost forgot Snackimals the best little cookie ever! All flavors!


hannah m said...

Oh, my fellow foodie and queen of all delicious and healthy snacks, thank you for introducing me to the deliciousness of VitaTops and for supplying Fiberfuls when my own TJ's wouldn't keep them stocked!

I LOVE the photo of you as a baby--I was going to request that you share :). As a matter of fact, I have a few long ago photos of my own I've been meaning to scan--I just need Vince to hook up the scanner!

Linda said...

O.K., I'm writing from work and I really shouldn't be . . . but what a cute baby picture! I couldn't let it go by without a compliment. You know I'm with you on the food appreciation and comfort boat. It's such a treat for the senses and the soul.

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