23 October 2007

I used to hate daytime TV (circa 1990) when the only thing on was soap operas and talk shows (and re-runs of The Andy Griffith Show). And even though I know intellectually that daytime is different now with so many channels to choose from (Food, Home, Music, History, etc.) and DVR’s to help get through those dull moments, I still held on to that loathing for daytime TV. But that all changed when Dale went back to work and Elliot began nursing like a champ…I turned on the tele and it has now become a ritual when I sit on the sofa to feed Elliot I tune in to Food TV! I seem to always feed him during Paula Deen, Everyday Italian, 30 Minute Meals (don't hate Rach) or Diners, Drive-In's & Dives. These shows have been both entertaining to me and have been bringing out my inner chef. I have always been a Food TV junkie (from way back when Emeril was still cool), but I would watch from afar (with admiration) never thinking I could really cook something that good! I would express my inner-foodie by dining out, not in. Over the years I gained more confidence in my cooking (practice, practice) but never really got very adventurous. Well, if you spend enough time in front of Food TV you are going to get inspired eventually. In the last two weeks I have been inspired to make a few things and have been so impressed with myself that I had to share.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches - I made the chicken, toasted some rolls and called it dinner!
Penne with Spinach & Arugula Sauce - I used Arugula in the sauce and it added a little kick. This is a super easy weeknight and if you toss in a bit of grilled chicken you have a very complete meal too!
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Fingers - Nothing special, but better than just plan old chicken. The dipping sauce is yummy!
Steak and Arugula Salad - I used flank steak and it was great! This is a wonderful weeknight meal when you want some meat but nothing super heavy.
And...(Drum roll please)
Halibut with Balsamic Glaze - This recipe was a bit of an adventure because my regular grocery store does not sell seafood (a few packages of pre-marinated salmon) so I bought fish for the first time at a nearby Asian market where the seafood is so fresh it is swimming in tanks. I've been to this Asian market before, but never for seafood and since I am a novice with seafood to begin with I was a bit nervous. All they had for halibut were steaks and I needed fillets, so a guy came out and cut this giant steak into four pieces, removed the skin and bone and convinced me they were fillets. This recipe was a big deal for
me because I have mental block when it comes to cooking anything from the sea - love to eat it, fear cooking it! My sweet husband even took a picture.


hannah m said...

Yum, yum and more yum! That fish looks sooooo good. You should write a whole blog post about the cinnamon rolls you made on New Year's Day. Remember those? Those were to die for! You are truly talented in the kitchen.

AmyK said...

You are too good to me Hannah! YOu might be my biggest fan :) Those were indeed yummy and might have to become a New Years tradition!

christey said...

wait, what about the tastey chicken breasts with butter and capers you made us for dinner....and the pasta side dish was YUM!!

AmyK said...

Oh yeah! Thanks for adding one more! The Pasta was on the list but I did forget to add the Chicken Piccata.

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